Dr Jim Sears Magic Mouthwash for Coxsackie Virus


How Often Do You Need To Get The Pneumonia Vaccine?

A woman asked how long the Pneumonia Vaccine will last. Do you need to get it annually, like with the Flu Vaccine?

Dr. Travis Stork explained that a Pneumonia Vaccine is long lasting, but you may need a second vaccination five years after the first one, if you are at high risk for Pneumonia or if you received your first dose before age 65.


The Doctors Pneumonia Vaccine

Adults shouldn't need more than two Pneumonia Vaccines in a lifetime.

What Is Pneumonia?

He said that there are many treatments for Pneumonia and explained what it actually is. Dr. Travis showed a normal lung X-ray, with subtle lung markings. If you have Pneumonia, your X-ray will look different. The lungs may look hazy or obscured on the X-ray, instead of clear.

Pneumonia is an infection that can be Fungal, Bacterial, or Viral. It leads to Inflammatory Symptoms, and the airway becomes filled with Fluid and White Blood Cells, causing difficulty breathing as it spreads through the body.


Pneumonia Treatments

Treatments for Pneumonia vary based on the type of infection you have and where you are believed to have acquired it. The underlying bacteria can be different, so doctors will prescribe specific medications and antibiotics to begin treating Pneumonia.

Most cases will resolve without complications. Colds can turn into Pneumonia. If you have a cold that persists for months and symptoms get worse over time, check with your doctor.

Kids & Pneumonia

Dr. Jim Sears said even kids can get Antibiotic Treatment at home, and he has parents tap on a child’s back to break up or loosen Phlegm.

The Doctors: Coxsackie Virus

A mother emailed to say her child has the Coxsackie Virus. She wondered if it is contagious and how she can protect other family members.

Dr. Jim said the name comes from “a town in New York, near Albany…where the virus was first isolated, back in the late 1940s.”

Is Coxsackie Virus Contagious?

He said this virus is very contagious. Symptoms include sores on the mouth, feet, and hands. It also can cause fever and spreads easily to family members. The sores are so painful that children often avoid eating or drinking.

There is no treatment to eradicate the virus, which clears up on its own in five to seven days. But parents may want to treat the pain so they can keep their kids hydrated.

Dr Sears Magic Mouthwash

Dr. Jim recommended giving kids Magic Mouthwash to ease the pain of mouth sores associated with Coxsackie Virus. You can combine equal parts of liquid antacid and liquid antihistamine, letting your child swish and gargle the mixture. This will sooth the pain, and kids can swallow the mix or spit it out.

Dr. Jim said an indicator of this virus are sores in the back of the mouth. Other diseases, such as Herpes, tend to present themselves in the front of the mouth.


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