Dr Jim Sears’ Lentil Soup & Apple Cider Fights Flus & Colds


How Long Should A Cold Last

Many of us will put off going to the doctor and give our bodies a chance to recover on its own. But do you know how long is too long to wait for your body’s natural defenses to fight off an illness?

Dr. Andrew Ordon said there is no exact number, but an average generic cold will last about eight or nine days. 25% of colds can last as long as two weeks, and 10% of colds can last even longer.


The Drs: Cold Medicine

Do you use over the counter cold medicine to fight symptoms, or do you prefer natural remedies?

The Doctors: Cold Medication

Do you like to take medicine to fight off colds, or go the natural route and let a cold run its course? Two friends were torn on the issue of whether to rely on over the counter medication to fight colds.

Karina and Marc have been arguing about this issue for years. She thinks you should prevent your cold by taking medication before your cold takes hold. But Dr. Travis explained that no medication will actually “cure a cold or shorten its duration.”


Cold Medication Vs Natural Remedies

Cold germs usually enter your body through the nose or eyes, penetrating your nasal passages and causing the symptoms we all know and hate. Even over the counter medicines cause side effects, and Dr. Travis said you have to weigh the side effects against the benefits.

Dr. Travis explained that your body will eventually kill the virus in your body. Medicines don’t treat the cold itself, but rather the symptoms. Marc is vindicated, I guess, but I am on Karina’s side. I’d rather fight the symptoms than suffer through them.

Cold Medicine Alternatives

The Doctors suggested a variety of alternative remedies to treat your cold. Dr. Travis mentioned nasal saline washes, or other methods of hydration. Dr. Andrew Ordon suggested “eating foods that boost your immune system.” Dr. Lisa Masterson recommended rest as a way of recovering from colds.

Medication reacts differently for everyone, so knowing your body and what works for you is a factor here. Every medicine has its pros and cons, but if you have questions about the effects of a medicine on your body, or interactions with conditions or other medications, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Chicken Soup Cold Remedy

Did your mom give you Chicken Soup when you were sick as a child? That’s one of many hot liquids people turn to when fighting a cold naturally. But what effects do they actually have?

Dr. Travis explained that hot liquids can loosen secretions and soften phlegm. Hot liquids can also soothe your sore throat. Staying hydrated in one way or another is the best thing you can do for your cold naturally.

The Doctors shared their favorite Hot Liquid Remedies For Colds.

Hot Tea Cold Remedy

Dr. Andrew Ordon recommended Green or Brown Tea, because the steam can help your nasal passages. He also likes to add a bit of honey, which he called a natural cough suppressant.

Dr Jim Sears Lentil Soup Recipe

Dr. Jim Sears said he craves Lentil Soup when he is sick. Lentils are a good protein source.

Hot Apple Cider Cold Remedy

Dr. Lisa Masterson makes apple cider with cinnamon for her son when he is sick.

Warm Salt Water Gargle

Dr. Travis suggested Gargling or doing Nasal Irrigation, such as Using A Neti Pot, with Warm Salt Water.

Hydration & Health

Being Dehydrated can make you feel terrible. A dry nose is more likely to bleed as well. Read about How To Treat A Bloody Nose.

Using a Humidifier and getting enough liquid will keep you Hydrated internally and feeling healthy. Keeping your body systems hydrated ensures that your body is in good working order, even when you’re not sick.

Fart When You Get The Flu?

A viewer emailed to ask why he gets bad gas when he is sick with the Flu. He wondered what would cause this to happen.

Dr. Travis explained that if your Nasal Passages are congested, you’re breathing through your mouth, and swallowing more air throughout the day. Eating fibrous Fruits and Vegetables can also increase your gas.

He said you should take whatever approach to Cold & Flu that works for you and your body!


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