Does Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Affect Drug Tests?


The Doctors: Vintage Clothing

Have you ever shopped in a secondhand store? Vintage clothes can be a good bargain or feature retro styles, but you maybe noticed a particular smell among the polyester suits and shoulder pads.

Dr. Lisa Masterson explained that the smell is probably mold caused by moisture in the clothes. Gross, right? The good news is you can get mold out of the clothes by dry cleaning them or using ammonia, white vinegar, or baking soda to soak the smell out of the clothes.


The Drs: Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Can exposure to Secondhand Marijuana Smoke affect a drug test?

The Doctors: Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

An anonymous viewer emailed The Doctors with her question. She attended a party where other guests were smoking Marijuana, and she could smell it from the other room. Now she is paranoid that she may test positive for drugs due to that aroma.

Dr. Travis Stork said many people have had this type of experience, whether they realize it or not, even while out in public. The good news is that inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke shouldn’t make you test positive in a urine-based drug test.


Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Makes Drug Tests Positive

He shared a study to back up this claim, which exposed a control group to a room containing marijuana smoke. The study concluded that the test subjects did not have any significant amount of cannabinoids in their urinalysis.

However, secondhand smoke could be detected in Hair Follicle Tests. In that case, there is a secondary test that can rule out secondhand smoke and clear your good name, so the anonymous drug-adjacent partygoer is off the hook either way.

“You should not ever get a positive drug test from secondhand marijuana smoke,” Dr. Travis said.

“And you can’t use that as an excuse,” Dr. Lisa said.

Can Mothballs Make You Sick

Can you get sick from the smell of Mothballs? Dr. Jim Sears said the smell alone isn’t enough to make you sick. Dr. Andrew Ordon said it could irritate your skin, especially near your eyes. Actual mothballs are a health hazard, and can cause headaches or even Anemia.

Dr. Travis said older mothballs can cause problems with blood. More commonly, Dr. Andrew said, is skin irritation. Be sure to rinse an affected area and contact a medical professional for additional advice if you have dangerous exposure to mothballs.

Dr. Lisa said she bought secondhand clothes during college, and was dismayed when her clothes smelled like Mothballs on a first date. These days, Mothballs are made from a different material, which has also changed their traditional smell.


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