The Doctors: Superhero In Body Paint + Kids Binge Watching Danger


The Doctors: Marla Maples & Body Paint Superhero Transformation

Marla Maples is perhaps best known as Donald Trump’s ex-wife, but the gorgeous blonde is now making headlines for her dance moves on Dancing with the Stars. Because Marla’s daughter with Trump, Tiffany, is on the road with her father, Marla explained that her daughter is one busy gal! She’s a full-time student at University of Pennsylvania where Donald, Ivanka, and Donald Jr went as well. While Marla was on set, she contributed to a discussion about an artist who miraculously transforms herself into comic book characters.


Kay Pike uses body paint and poses against a black background to make herself look like a drawing. She dedicates entire days to her artwork, painting her entire body. She admitted that she suffers from anxiety and the painting and artwork without a doubt helps with that. She admitted that just four months ago she would’ve never been able to have a full conversation with The Doctors, but yet there she was in full body paint, talking about her incredible talent!

The Doctors: Superhero In Body Paint + Kids Binge Watching Danger

Adults aren’t the only ones guilty of binge-watching, but it can be a lot more harmful for kids, who should be spending time doing more productive things. (baptrickphotography / Flickr)

The Doctors explained that her hobby is basically active meditation, which allows her to lose herself in her passion and talent.


The Doctors: Binge Watching For Kids

Moving on, The Doctors then talked about binge watching for kids. There’s an increasing concern that streaming services like Netflix could turn kids into binge-watchers. In 2014, there were just three original kid series on Netflix and this year it’s expected to balloon to nearly 40. Netflix has 75 million members. As The Doctors pointed out, Netflix or other streaming services can’t be blamed. It’s up to the parents to make their kids get up and go outside or stay active. Perhaps the best way to go about things is to set rules and guidelines for how much time can be spent in front of the TV each day. The average 8-year-old spends six hours a day in front of a TV.

What would you say or do to get your kids to step away from the TV if you notice them binge watching?

The Doctors: Weight-Lifting Grandma

The Doctors then switched topics again, to talk about an Illinois grandmother named Shirley who is 78-years-old. Shirley can lift more than three times her weight in pounds, but just two years her main physical activity was mowing the lawn. Now, she holds records in two different states for her weight lifting skills. She plans to compete for a national title this summer.

Two years ago, she had to yank on a hand-rail to get up the stairs, but now she can walk right up them! Shirley was thrilled to join the show, performing a weight-lifting routine for the audience. She began slowly and kept adding more weight with the help of a trainer. She lifted 225 pounds to reveal her undeniable strength! She’s the perfect example that you’re never too late to start!


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