The Doctors: Stay Motivated To Workout + Do You Have Ebola Fatigue?


The Drs TV: Ways To Stay Motivated To Work Out

The Doctors explained that one tip for keeping yourself motivated to get up out of bed and work out in the morning is to sleep in your gym clothes because it’s one less thing to keep you from changing your mind about working out in the morning. If that doesn’t work, you can take a “belfie” or a below the neck selfie, and post it onto a social media site to keep yourself accountable. You might even motivate someone else!

Dr. Travis Stork shared that research shows just walking 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health. The average person walks just 3,000 steps a day and 1,000 steps is equal to a brisk ten minute walk. Dr. Stork said it’s even easier with a workout buddy and buddy was the word of the day! You can use the word buddy to enter for a chance to win $150 gift card from The Walking Company to buy your very own Abeo footwear on The Doctors website.


The Doctors: New York Prepared For Ebola

The Doctors: Stay Motivated To Workout + Do You Have Ebola Fatigue?

The Doctors shared tips for staying motivated to work out in the morning. (lzf /

For The Doctors News in 2:00, The Doctors shared that the CDC has New York City on alert to prepare for a potential Ebola outbreak. New York is a frequent port of entry for travelers from West Africa. The new CDC report includes detailed protocols for rapidly identifying Ebola patient, implementing infection control, and transporting those arriving from international flights into JFK airport.

New York has previously faced threats to human health from outbreaks overseas of measles and Middle East respiratory syndrome. Currently, New York is Ebola free.


The Drs TV: Ron Klain, President Obama’s Ebola Czar

Ron Klain has been appointed President Obama’s Ebola “czar,” although the White House press secretary didn’t exactly use the term czar. President Obama made it clear the need for the position. Klain was previously chief of staff to vice presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore. Klain doesn’t have a health care background but is adept at handling bureaucracies.

Kevin Spacey portrayed Klain in the HBO movie Recount about the 2000 Florida election debacle.

The Doctors: Experiencing Ebola Fatigue?

There is now a question of whether there is “Ebola fatigue” setting in after the large amount of media coverage. Messages on social media suggest irritation to the extreme exposure. So far, only one person in the U.S. has died from Ebola, while several others have been exposed and are receiving treatment.

The Drs TV: Coffee Shop Beauty Secret

Dr. Travis Stork then shared the coffee shop beauty secret that could improve the appearance of your skin: coffee shop napkins. He explained that coffee shops used unbleached recycled napkins that make amazing blotting paper so you can control the oils on your face, potentially preventing future outbreaks.


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