The Doctors: Mother & Baby Survive Washington Mudslide


The Drs: Mom & Baby Survive Washington Mudslide

The Doctors shared footage of the mudslide that occurred in Oso, Washington. They welcomed a woman to the show who could actually describe the moment when disaster hit. She showed the valley that used to be filled with houses and the exact spot where her house used to sit.

The Doctors: Mother & Baby Survive Washington Mudslide

The Doctors talked to a woman about how she and her baby managed to survive the massive Washington mudslide that happened in 2014. (Nina Vaclavova /


On March 22, 2014 at 10:30 a.m., she was sitting in the kitchen with her son Duke when the lights started to flicker and her house started to shake. When she looked out the front door she saw her neighbor’s roof lift straight up and come at them. She held her son the entire time she was conscious as they were hit. Suddenly everything just went black. After the mudslide stopped, she noticed that her son’s skull was swelling and his eyes were getting really dark. She kept telling her son he was going to be okay and that his mommy had him.

The mudslide left her with a broken left arm, shattered ankle, and broken leg, as well as a shattered eye socket. They lost everything, and still have to pay a mortgage on a house that doesn’t even exist. She shared that 43 people died in the mudslide and her best friend lost her mom and her daughter, and they lived in the house right next to her. She admitted that she couldn’t understand how they didn’t die.


The Drs: Mother, Child Survived Massive Mudslide

Her name is Amanda and she joined The Doctors on the show, sharing that she relives it every day. She shared that her son Duke is doing amazing. He was 5 months old at the time and his skull fracture was on the right-hand side, so he lost all vision until the swelling started to go down. He now has no left peripheral vision and is weak on his right side. She was told that because of how young he was and the brain damage he has, he should make a full recovery but they have to wait and see. The good news is that he’s alive.

Amanda said she had nine surgeries, spent a month in rehab, and still goes to both physical and mental therapy once a week. Amanda then shared that the day she was supposed to meet the President, she got sick and was sent back to the ICU. A man named Tye had actually asked her father for her hand in marriage the night the mudslide had happened, and he came into the ICU that night, got down on one knee, and proposed to her with his great-grandmother’s ring.

The Drs: Surprise For Engaged Mudslide Survivor

The Doctors then surprised Amanda with a message from Heather and Ryan Shipley from Events by Heather and Ryan, who said they heard about the story and the couple’s upcoming wedding. They shared that they’re going to photograph Amanda’s entire wedding day. Kelli Miller from Winding Path Gardens shared that they’re going to donate the entire venue for their wedding day. Tiffany from Flowers by Tiffany shared that she will be doing Amanda’s wedding flowers for her big day.

Amanda also got an entire hair and makeup package donated to her for her special day, as well as a cake from Lake Union Cafe. Finally, Corey Dawson from Dream Dresses by P.M.N. shared that they wanted to work with Amanda to design a custom wedding dress for her special day. The Doctors then revealed that after the video was taped, Sound City Players reached out saying that they wanted to DJ her wedding, so she has music for her wedding covered as well!

But wait, there’s more! Z Gallery wanted to make sure that Amanda and Tye had a beautiful place to call home so they’re giving them a $5,000 gift card they could use to furnish their new home.


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