The Doctors: Metabolism Myths Busted + Contagious Optimism


The Drs: Truth About Metabolism

The Doctors wanted to tackle the misconceptions out there about your metabolism, so they took to the streets to find out what’s real and what’s not. Some of the people they ran into shared a lot of different things, including that if you eat really late the food turns to fat or that your metabolism slows down as you get older.

The Doctors: Metabolism Myths Busted + Contagious Optimism

The Doctors explained how optimism can actually lower your health risks. (Layland Masuda /


The Doctors started by tackling myth number one: skinny people have a faster metabolism. Dr Jennifer Ashton said it’s not true, and you actually have to take into account genetics as well as other factors. Dr Rachael Ross said bigger people may actually have a high metabolism because they have to carry around more weight.

Myth number two is that skipping meals slows your metabolism. Dr Ross said skipping meals just makes you hungry, making you eat more the next meal.

The Drs: Metabolism Myths

Myth number three is that eating late at night turns food into fat. Dr Jennifer Berman explained that no matter when you eat food, you burn it at the same rate.


The fourth myth is that metabolism is all about burning and breaking down calories. Dr Drew Ordon explained that there are two phases to metabolism, the breaking down and the building up. It’s a balance.

The final myth is that you have no control over your metabolism. The truth is that you have a ton of control by sleeping more, staying hydrated, and increasing lean muscle mass.

The Drs: Contagious Optimism

The Doctors then shared a way to live decades longer and cut your heart failure risk by 73%. Harvard, Duke, and the University of Michigan found one thing in common that people can do: optimism. Your outlook can make all the difference!

Miss Wheelchair USA is not a beauty pageant, but instead gives women with disabilities the opportunity to showcase their achievements. The pageant’s keynote speaker this year was David Mezzapelle, the author of Contagious Optimism. The Doctors welcomed David to their show.

The Drs: Lower Health Risks With Optimism

David shared that hosting the event was a highlight for him both personally and professionally. He said those women proved that being handicapped or disabled is completely irrelevant when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Dr Jennifer Berman said if people can hang on to even just an ember of hope in their darkest hour, they can overcome extreme obstacles and challenges. David said people who are going through tough times tend to think they’re alone. But when they hear stories about others who have persevered, it gives them hope. Hope is the foundation of optimism.

Dr Travis Stork pointed out that optimism is definitely contagious. You can live longer and cut your health risks just by being optimistic!


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