The Doctors: Hair Styling Tips + Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie


The Drs: Hair Styling Tips

The Doctors shared some insider secrets from celebrity hairstylist Tera Rae Stephens. She suggested using household cornstarch on your roots to soak up any extra oil. She also suggested using plain white vinegar as a clarifier before you shampoo to get rid of any hard water or chemical build-up. Just rinse it through your hair before you shampoo and condition. Her third tip was to use a clean, brand new toothbrush to create volume by taking small sections and back-combing the hair. Or you can spritz on a little hairspray and use the toothbrush to tame fly-aways.

The Doctors then shared the word of the day: “quick,” which you can use to enter for a chance to win an Infinity Pro blow dryer from Conair.


The Drs: Canned & Bottled Soda + Heart Problems

The Doctors shared their News in 2:00, starting by explaining why you may want to think twice before drinking soda from a can or plastic bottle. Researchers in South Korea have found that cans and bottles lines with the controversial chemical BPA is linked to high blood pressure and heart rate issues. Drinking just two canned beverages a day may cause problems in patients with heart disease and hypertension.

The Doctors: Hair Styling Tips + Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie

The Doctors talked about the new Whitney Houston Lifetime movie. (Helga Esteb /


The Drs: Arsenic As Possible Tool In Breast Cancer Fight

The Doctors then shared that although arsenic is a chemical generally associated with health problems, now researchers are saying that medically administered arsenic might play a role in the fight against breast cancer. In a recent study, scientists were able to use arsenic to kill lab-grown breast cancer cells, while healthy breast cells showed arsenic resistance. Researchers are ready to start clinical trials based on these findings. According to Medical Daily, forms of arsenic have been used to treat other forms of cancers, but its intake has been linked to lower IQs.

The Drs: Whitney Houston Lifetime Biopic

The Doctors then shared a preview of the Whitney Houston biopic that will appear on Lifetime. It’s been almost three years since Houston died in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The cause of death was drowning due to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. Now, her life and her relationship with Bobby Brown will play out again in the movie Whitney. Her family has dismissed the film, saying no one who knew Whitney was involved in the making of the film.

The Drs: Fast Food Receipt Danger

The Doctors then said that the receipts from fast food restaurants are made of waxy silky paper that contains high amounts of BPA, which has shown to be an endocrine disrupter, among other things. It can also affect your body’s hormone levels. If you use hand sanitizer before handling the receipts, you could actually be unknowingly exposing yourself to even higher amounts of BPA, because it can break down the paper.

In one study, people who held a receipt after using hand sanitizer had 185 times more chemicals on their hands. There’s no substitute for soap and water!


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