The Doctors: Feces Pill To Treat C-Diff + Red Wine Vs Workout Benefits


The Doctors: Pill Made From Frozen Stool

The Doctors shared that a potential cure for a super bug has something to do with freezing your bowel movement. It sounds crazy but it’s true! The deadly hospital super bug called clostridium difficile can cause severe diarrhea in patients due to the imbalance of bacteria in their gut. A new study froze stool from a healthy person and then gave it in pill form to someone suffering from the condition. The excrement helped rebalance their good gut bacteria, and cured 18 out of 20 patients of their diarrhea.

The Doctors: Feces Pill To Treat C-Diff + Red Wine Vs Workout Benefits

The Doctors talked about a feces pill that can be used to treat c-diff. (Kamil Macniak /


Dr Travis Stork shared that c-diff is hard to treat, so with a 90% success rate, a poop pill may be a good idea. Dr Rachael Ross said there’s a 25% re-occurrence rate in those who have been treated for c-diff, so ultimately what they end up doing is a fecal transplant. A fecal transplant is where feces is transplanted into a person’s GI system so that they have the right bacteria.

The Drs TV: Feces Pill To Treat C-Diff

Dr Stork explained that c-diff overtakes your gut and eliminates all the good bacteria, attacking the lining of your GI tract. It can even be deadly, so if you can introduce feces with good bacteria, the pill can send good bacteria to the gut, helping them to get rid of the bad bacteria until eventually everything is normalized. Dr Jennifer Ashton said that 99% of the DNA in our body is from the bacteria in our gut, and only 1% is from our parents.

Dr Ross said it also sounds pretty inexpensive, but as Dr Ashton said, “Do not try this at home.”


The Doctors: Red Wine Vs Workout Benefits

The Doctors then wanted to know whether you would choose wine or a workout at the end of a long day. They then shared that researchers found that wine contains resveratrol, which improves heart, muscle, and bone functions in the same way they’re improved by working out.

Dr Stork shared that people who worked out and also enjoyed a glass of red wine in moderation, together, there was a cumulative effect. So it was better to drink a little red wine with a workout than just work out alone. Dr Ashton shared that people who don’t drink have high rates of heart disease, and people who drink moderate alcohol, about seven servings a week, have lower rates. People who drink a lot don’t do as well either. She said it’s a “J-shaped curve.”

Dr Ross explained that red wine is better than white wine because the grape skins are what makes the difference. They’re fermented longer with the grape skin and that’s where we get the antioxidants. Regardless of wine type, however, you can see benefits, as long as it’s in moderation. Dr Stork said they would rather you not drink at all than drink too much.


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