The Doctors: Essio Shower Aromatherapy + What To Wear To Sleep


The Drs TV: Fear Of Losing Job Can Cause Asthma

The Doctors shared that people who are afraid of losing their jobs are 60% more likely to develop asthma. The study looked at 7,000 people and found that shrinking economies and a tightening job market are causing stress and contributing to onset asthma. There’s no doubt that stress takes a toll on your health.

The Doctors: Essio Shower Aromatherapy

The Doctors: Essio Shower Aromatherapy + What You Should Wear To Sleep

The Doctors shared a great product to use to reduce stress during your daily shower routine. (abu2 /


Dr. Travis Stork said to help relieve stress he hangs out in the steam room at his gym because he loves the aroma. Aroma is the word of the day and you can use it on The Doctors website to enter for a chance to win the Essio Shower Aromatherapy. It uses six different certified organic oils to transform your shower into your personal day spa.

The Drs TV: How Ebola Affects Chocolate

For The Doctors News in 2:00, The Doctors talked about the Ivory Coast, reporting that it’s the biggest producer of Cacao, the raw ingredient in your favorite chocolate sweets. In August, the West African nation closed its borders to Ebola ravaged Liberia and New Guinea, which limited their force needed to pick the beans.

The World Cocoa Foundation is rallying for Ebola relief and is meeting in Denmark to announce applying financial resources to the Red Cross and other organizations to stop the spread of Ebola. Nestle told News in 2:00 that they’re supporting the need in some infected zones due to the lack of food and clean water.


They said it’s too early to evaluate the impact the virus could have on their business activities. Today, more than 8,000 people have been diagnosed with Ebola and 4,000 have died in West Africa.

The Doctors: Chris Brown Ebola Tweet

Chris Brown is in a bit of hot water after tweeting about the Ebola outbreak. Part of his tweet read “… I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control.” His controversial message quickly got a lot of backlash by many of his followers.

The Drs TV: Carousel Of Hope Ball

Since the inception of the Carousel of Hope Ball, it’s raised over $75 million to battle type one diabetes. This year’s event honored Earvin Magic Johnson for his humanitarian efforts.

Magic said he’s been blessed to be able to send young people to college and help educated people on HIV/AIDS, the important of taking their medications. Jay Leno was the emcee for the evening and he shared that it’s a good cause that all goes to charity.

The Doctors: What To Wear To Sleep

Dr. Travis Stork encouraged all his viewers to sleep with as little clothes on as possible, saying it helps your body stay at a more optimal temperature, allowing for better sleep. Better sleep can reduce stress and lower your weight. Plus, allowing your skin to breathe can prevent yeast infections. Dr. Ross said studies show if you sleep with minimal clothing on you need to wash your sheets more.


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