The Doctors: Dog Flu & Robotic Pets + Work Spouse Relationships

The Doctors: Dogs At Risk For The Flu

The flu doesn’t only affect humans. According to the CDC, two new strains of canine influenza have been spreading around the U.S., infecting dogs in at least 36 states. Because the viruses are somewhat new, all dogs are at risk. The good news is that there’s a vaccine for the dog flu! Veterinarian Dr Karen Halligan joined the show explaining that the influenza virus is highly contagious and causes acute respiratory illness in dogs. Unlike the human flu virus, the dog flu can affect pets year-round.

Symptoms include a cough or a little discharge. Severe cases can result in pneumonia, dehydration, or even death. To tell if your dog is dehydrated, lift up their lip. If their lip is dry and sticky, they’re likely dehydrated.

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