The Doctors: Dog Flu & Robotic Pets + Work Spouse Relationships


The Doctors: Dogs At Risk For The Flu

The flu doesn’t only affect humans. According to the CDC, two new strains of canine influenza have been spreading around the U.S., infecting dogs in at least 36 states. Because the viruses are somewhat new, all dogs are at risk. The good news is that there’s a vaccine for the dog flu! Veterinarian Dr Karen Halligan joined the show explaining that the influenza virus is highly contagious and causes acute respiratory illness in dogs. Unlike the human flu virus, the dog flu can affect pets year-round.

Symptoms include a cough or a little discharge. Severe cases can result in pneumonia, dehydration, or even death. To tell if your dog is dehydrated, lift up their lip. If their lip is dry and sticky, they’re likely dehydrated.


The Doctors: Robotic Pets For The Elderly

The Doctors: Dog Flu & Robotic Pets + Work Spouse Relationships

Humans are the only ones susceptible to the flu! The Doctors brought in a veterinarian to share what you need to know about the dog flu. (davidlocke / Flickr)


Speaking of pets, Hasbro actually came out with a line of robotic pets for the elderly. It has been shown that a furry friend can boost emotional and physical health, especially in the elderly who could be experiencing loneliness. Dr Halligan pointed out the thousands of pets that are desperate for a loving home right now, so if you really want a robot pet, go for a real one too if it’s possible. Dr Travis Stork was absolutely loving his robotic pet! The good news is that the robots can’t make a mess and they don’t require any vet bills.

The Doctors: Work Spouse Relationships

The Doctors then discussed the complicated relationships known as “work spouses.” Jeff, an executive producer at The Doctors has a boyfriend names Glenn, but his “work spouse” is fellow executive producer Patty. Ted is Patty’s real husband, but Patty and Glenn practically act like husband and wife, even to their coworkers! Dr Travis Stork said he has seen work spouse relationships that were incredibly productive. Relationship expert Tiffanie Davis Henry said they can absolutely be productive, as long as the actual relationship at home is healthy and includes effective communication.

Jeff shared that he literally spends all day on Patty’s couch in her office. It was clear that they are certainly two peas in a pod, so we can only hope their actual partners approved of their close relationship!

The Doctors: Popular Food Trends + Birch Sap Water

Next, Max Lugavere then joined The Doctors to talk about some popular food trends. They first discussed birch sap water, which is retrieved by tapping a birch tree. It’s commonly consumed in parts of Eastern Europe, but Dr Stork absolutely couldn’t stand the taste of the water. Dr Jennifer Ashton described the taste as “water that was filtered through a dirty sock.” It contains trace minerals and electrolytes, as well as natural xylitol which has been shown to protect against cavities. It contains far less sugar than coconut water, but not as much potassium.

Next, kohlrabi, which is basically a swollen stem. It’s a cruciferous vegetable that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and possibly even anti-cancer proponents. It’s also incredibly high in vitamin C which can boost your mood. The Doctors seemed to be fans of kohlrabi, especially after tasting homemade chips made by baking kohlrabi.

Finally, was a health food that tastes like chocolate, carob powder. Carob powder is commonly used to replace cocoa powder, but Max believes cocoa has so many health benefits that it shouldn’t be replaced. Carob is naturally more than half sugar, so Max wasn’t a fan.


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