The Doctors: Coping With Heartbreak + Drive-Thru Funerals


The Drs TV: Woman Camps Out At KFC After Breakup

Dr Travis Stork asked The Doctors what the strangest thing they’ve ever done after a heartbreak was, and if they’ve ever done anything out of the ordinary. Dr Rachael Ross brought up that sometimes after a breakup, you’ll try to find love too quickly in the wrong way. But as Dr Stork asked, would you ever go to your favorite fast food restaurant and just camp out for an entire week?

The Doctors: Coping With Heartbreak + Drive-Thru Funerals

The Doctors talked about the woman who camped out at KFC after a breakup and coping with heartbreak. (Lasse Kristensen /


A 26-year-old woman from China went to KFC in search of comfort food after being dumped by her boyfriend. She even called in sick to work to stay at the fast-food chain eating fried chicken and French fries for an entire week. She said she couldn’t go back to her apartment because of all the memories, so she decided to stay at KFC instead.

The Doctors: Coping With Heartbreak

Dr Ross said what the woman was doing is something they actually somewhat recommend which is purging the bad memories. Dr Stork said she would have been much better off just throwing away all his belongings or putting them in a bag and leaving them on his doorstep.

He said there’s a good and a bad way to deal with heartbreak. He said some of his friends that have gone through breakups have dealt with it in healthier ways, like running a marathon. He said it’s important to know that a relationship doesn’t define you.


Dr Drew Ordon said you can choose to either deal with it in a negative way, or by doing something that will improve you. Dr Stork said, “it’s self-destructive versus self-enhancing.”

The Drs TV: Drive-Thru Funerals

Moving on, The Doctors said another thing you have to learn to cope with in a healthy way is death, and then said that grieving people now have the option of drive-thru funerals. A Michigan funeral home called Paradise Funeral Chapel is offering mourners the chance to pay their last respects with a drive-up window. It’s free of charge and allows people to see the deceased, even if they can’t make the visitation because of work or disability.

The funeral director knows that critics say it’s undignified, but he says people should give it a chance. Dr Rachael Ross said paying some respects is better than none, especially when you have to attend multiple funerals and visitations a week. Dr Drew Ordon said some people have the option of “that or nothing at all.” Dr Stork said if you can get in a car, you can get out of it.

He said to him, the sanctity of celebrating someone’s life and death, is more than driving up to visit with them. He said it’s impersonal and not for him, and I 100% agree with him. He said going to a funeral is a big deal, but to each their own.


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