The Doctors: Can Smart Phones Burn Skin? + Exploding Cellphones


The Doctors: Cellphone Explosions

The Doctors have discussed cellphone-related health risks before, but now there’s a new concern.

There’s recently been more concern over cellphone explosions after a teenage girl was left with second degree burns after her smart phone caught fire while in her back pocket at school. Another man had woken up one morning to find that his cellphone, which had been charging overnight, had exploded. One man woke up to a burning phone that had been charging near his bed, and the flames were a foot high!


The Doctors: Can Smart Phones Burn Skin? + Exploding Cellphones

The Doctors discussed the cause of cellphone explosions and why several people have been burned by their smart phones. (J. Henning Buchholz /

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received dozens of reports of exploding cellphones. Some cellphones actually exploded in the users’ pockets. Pictures of cellphones that have reportedly exploded have been posted all over the internet with warnings.

Dionne Baxter was one of the victims of an exploding cellphone, after she was left with a five-inch burn on her breast after sleeping with her cellphone.


The Drs TV: Can Smart Phones Burn Skin?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said she’s pretty strict with her kids about their cellphones, telling them she doesn’t want it under their pillows or near their heads while they’re sleeping. Dr. Jim Sears shared that he actually got a text from his son a little while ago that said “as soon as my dad goes to sleep I’ll be back online.” Obviously, he meant to send it to his friend. Oops!

As Dr. Rachael Ross pointed out, we’ve all at some point fallen asleep with our phones next to us. Dr. Sears said most of the cases of the cellphone explosions involve cellphones with batteries that have been replaced by an off brand, or a charger that isn’t specifically designed for the phone.

Dr. Stork said you shouldn’t carry your cellphone near your breast anyway, because although research is still being done, it is known that cellphones have an effect on the body. Dr. Stork pointed out that researchers have already discovered that if men carry their cellphones in their pockets, it can decrease their sperm count.

So the lesson to be learned here? Don’t sleep with your cellphone.


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