The Doctors: ‘Brady Bunch’ Maureen McCormick Depression & Advice


The Doctors: Maureen McCormick, Journey With Depression

Maureen McCormick, best known for her role as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, joined The Doctors just shortly after her 60th birthday! Interestingly enough, the show is taped at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, which is also where The Brady Bunch was taped! Maureen has been open about her struggles with depression, and Dr Travis Stork politely asked whether she was now in a place where she’s finally happy. Maureen responded by saying “happy comes and goes, right? But I feel a real peace. I feel, you know, just, I feel good. I feel lucky to be alive. When I wake up now, my glass is half full.”


Maureen was on antidepressants for many years and was constantly searching for new things. She got to a point where she wanted to know if she could go drug-free, describing the way she felt as “numb.” With a doctor’s help, of course, she weened off her medication and now feels better than ever.

The Doctors: 'Brady Bunch' Maureen McCormick Depression & Advice

Maureen McCormick, best known for playing Marcia Brady on “The Brady Bunch” opened up about her journey with depression. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Dr Travis made a point to say that medicine is just one of the many tools available to help those with depression. Everyone’s journey is unique, so not everyone would be better off without their antidepressants. If there’s one thing Maureen could tell her younger self from years ago, it would be “You’ll make it! You’ll make it through! It’s going to be okay, but you have to do the work.”


The Doctors: Maureen McCormick ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Dr Travis also wanted to take the time to congratulate Maureen on her spot on Dancing with the Stars. Maureen admitted she’s not a dancer and she’s always been afraid to dance in public. Which is hilarious considering she chose probably the biggest dancing spotlight. But Maureen recognized that unless she stepped outside of her comfort zone, she would never know what was waiting for her. The good news is that she’s having a blast, despite how challenging it is.

The Doctors: Super Lice Outbreak

When kids go back to school, lice can be a common concern among parents. Now, an outbreak of super lice has hit 48 states. Super lice are immune to all over-the-counter treatments parents often turn to first. Once there’s an infestation, it can be easily spread from one person to another. Michelle from Lice Clinics of America, explained that there’s actually an FDA-approved treatment for the super lice. The machine blows controlled heated air that is applied to the hair in a pattern all over to dehydrate and kill all the bugs and eggs.

Then, a mousse is used to comb out the hair to remove any “dead debris” before a topical solution is applied to smooth out the hair and complete the process. The entire treatment takes an hour to an hour and a half, and doesn’t use any pesticides. Even better, you don’t have to do any combing at home! Be careful of head-to-head contact and be sure to dry any blankets, sheets, towels, or backpacks the bugs could’ve come into contact with. Also, place your brushes in the freezer for two days to kill the lice there.


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