The Doctors: Body Fat Scale Accuracy + Dangerous Foods For Pets


The Doctors: How Accurate Are Body Fat Scales?

There are a large number of high-tech scales that promise to accurately measure your body fat. But just how accurate are these Bluetooth- and wifi-capable scales? The Doctors enlisted two women to undergo testing in a scale known as the Bod Pod to see how just how accurate at-home body fat scales are.

Later in the show it was revealed that for one woman, the Bod Pod was 7.5% lower than the at-home scale, which is a significant difference. For the other woman, her percentage was the same for both the Bod Pod and the at-home scale. After finding out the results, Dr Travis Stork suggested that you pay less attention to numbers and more attention to your overall health and feelings of wellness.


The Doctors: Fat Shaming Coffee Order

The Doctors: Body Fat Scale Accuracy + Dangerous Foods For Pets

At-home scales promising to accurately measure body fat are increasing in popularity. But just how well do they work? (61508583@N02 / Flickr)

Speaking of body fat, The Doctors moved on to talk about a new case of body shaming involving a man named Scott at a Florida Starbucks. Scott ordered a White Chocolate Mocha and was shocked to look at the label on his cup and see “diabetes here I come” where his name should have been. Scott sent the drink back after writing on the label “2 of my sisters are diabetic, so not funny.”


It was reported that a study looked at men and women who were overweight from 2006 who experienced weight discrimination. They were two times more likely to become obese by 2010 as compared to overweight participants who hadn’t felt discriminated against. Once again, it brings up the argument that shaming and bullying doesn’t work! Starbucks did make a statement saying they were disappointed with what happened and were working personally with Scott to resolve the issue.

The Doctors: Shocking Baby Monitor Footage

Next, The Doctors switched gears to share some disturbing footage of a toddler from a baby monitor. In the video, the toddler is seen balancing on the edge of his crib while screaming. He then falls backward into the crib. The parents joined the show via Skype and explained that they saw the video the next morning and said that he actually ended up falling out of the bed shortly after that. Since then, they switched their son to a toddler bed.

As The Doctors stated, it’s important for all parents to be aware of what the appropriate bed is for their child. If you’re ever uncertain, have a conversation with your child’s pediatrician.

The Doctors: Food To Avoid Feeding Your Pets

A new report published in the journal “Frontiers in Veterinary Science” has listed food found to be toxic or even deadly to your dog or cat. The report cited plant foods like garlic, onion, leeks, and chives, as well as grapes, raisins, and currants as a potential source for pet poisoning. The exact biological reason they’re toxic for animals is still unknown but the study did point out that dogs are affected more than cats, generally because cats are pickier eaters.

The Doctors: New Immuntherapy Skin Cancer Drug

After a recent meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, reports on the immunotherapy drug Keytruda were released regarding its impact on the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma. Survival rates have increased among melanoma patients taking the drug, which targets the immune system. Jimmy Carter was treated with the drug and in March, it was stated “he no longer needs treatment for cancer.”

Researchers say this “immunotherapy approach is transforming treatment for several kinds of cancer with drugs that are often less toxic than chemotherapy.”


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