The Doctors: Adult Bed-Wetting + 3 Easy Makeup Looks & Hairstyles

The Doctors: Adults Wetting The Bed

A woman turned to The Doctors for help, revealing that she often dreams about needing to go to the bathroom, and then wakes up having wet the bed. It began about a month ago, and now she’s terrified to sleep at her boyfriend’s. Dr Jennifer Berman began by explaining that there’s a difference between wetting the bed because of a dream, and a medical condition that can cause you to wet the bed. It’s actually somewhat common to wet the bed because of a dream, but urinating while sleeping could be a sign of an underlying medical condition like diabetes. It could also be caused by a blockage of a hormone, or even sleep apnea.

If you’re experiencing concerning bed-wetting, talk to your doctor because it can be treated.

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