Do Poppy Seeds Test Positive For Opium? Can Breast Implants Freeze?


The Doctors: Poppy Seeds Test Positive For Opium?

The Doctors tackled Myth Vs Reality questions, including whether bears are attracted to menstrual blood and if it really takes seven years for you to digest gum. Next on their list is the idea that people eating Poppy Seeds Test Positive For Opium. Is this a myth or reality? Viewers and even The Doctors wanted to know, so they turned to Donald Fluegel to find out.

The Doctors: Poppy Seeds Test Positive

You may enjoy them as part of your breakfast bagel or muffin, but can Poppy Seeds cause you to fail a drug test? The Doctors learned whether people who eat Poppy Seeds Test Positive on drug tests.


According to their expert, the urban legend is that you’ll test positive for Morphine, Codeine, or Heroin because you ate poppy seeds. He invited a patient to eat four poppy seed bagels over the course of half a day. Then he invited her to the office for a drug test. He was surprised by the results, which he came to the studio to reveal to The Doctors team.

Poppy Seeds Positive Drug Test Results

The results of his Urinalysis were surprising: the patient tested positive for Opiates, just by eating poppy seeds. (Did anyone ask her if she’d had any of the other drugs recently? Just checking.) But Dr Travis Stork was curious about whether lower intake of Poppy Seeds would have a lower result.

Donald Fluegel said people who are anticipating an upcoming drug test should avoid poppy seeds. I guess you can always mention that before taking the test so it’s on the record in case your test comes back positive.


The Drs TV: Can Breast Implants Freeze?

Carol from Minnesota wrote the show to ask Dr Andrew Ordon whether it’s true that Breast Implants will freeze during cold weather. That sounds like it would be uncomfortable.

Dr Ordon said the only way that will happen is if the entire rest of your body freezes. That’s because the implants remain at your body’s core temperature the majority of the time. No matter what they’re made of or where they’re inserted, this is a myth.

But outside the body, breast implants can freeze. In fact, around the house, Dr Ordon used loose breast implants as ice packs for his children when they were growing up. Do not try this at home.


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