CVS Extra Care Advantage for Diabetes Review & Sinusitis Toothache


The Doctors: Diabetic Health

Did you know that more than 26 million people are suffering from Diabetes? That means you are not alone, even if you or a family member has recently been diagnosed. It is easier than ever to manage your health as a Diabetic, and The Doctors shared some helpful diet advice. Learn about the CVS Extra Care Advantage for Diabetes program. Plus, check out the Sinusitis Toothache Symptoms and Treatment.

The Drs: What If I Have Diabetes?

Usheema Thomas is a CVS pharmacist who joined Dr Travis Stork to discuss Diabetes. She said that patients are easily overwhelmed when they are first diagnosed with this condition.


“I want everyone to know that Diabetes is a manageable condition,” she said.

Type 1 Vs Type 2 Diabetes

The Doctors: CVS Diabetes & Sinusitis Toothache

The Doctors highlighted a CVS education & resource program for Diabetes patients, and the misleading symptoms of a Sinusitis Toothache.

Though there are two major forms of Diabetes, they both have the same basic concern: elevated blood glucose. Here are the main differences between Type 1 Vs Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Type 1 Diabetes: Body doesn’t produce Insulin
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Body ignores Insulin

The Drs: Just Diagnosed With Diabetes

Ersilia is an adult female who has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes. She appeared in The Doctors audience to learn more about how to manage her condition.

“You can do things in your own life to help manage your Diabetes,” Dr Travis said. Medication or daily Insulin injections are common Diabetes treatments. But your diet is also a key way to control the body’s Blood Glucose levels.

The Doctors: CVS Diabetes Kit

Usheema Thomas and CVS compiled a must have kit for Diabetes patients, including a True 2 Go Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Glucose Tablets, Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops, and a Portable Diabetic Organizer to keep everything together.

She explained how a lancet device pricks your finger to get a drop of blood and determine a blood sugar reading. “You want to make sure you have something on hand, like Glucose Tablets, that helps raise your blood sugar really quickly,” she said.

Dr Travis said that medication and other factors can lower your blood sugar, which is also dangerous.

Signs of Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar, also known as Hypoglycemia, is something Diabetics and their families need to watch out for. Here are some signs mentioned on the show.

  • Lightheadedness
  • Shakiness
  • Sweating
  • Confusion

If you observe these symptoms around a Diabetic friend or family member, keep an eye on them. Once the Blood Glucose reading drops below 70, this can rapidly become dangerous.

The Doctors: Diabetic Diet

You can prevent or treat Diabetes by focusing your diet on nutrient rich foods, avoiding high calories and processed sugar. Dr Travis highlighted whole grains, fruits and vegetables as healthier choices.

Being active and increasing your physical activity can “allow your body to use your sugar more effectively.” Usheema Thomas said that, though Diabetes is manageable, it can become expensive.

CVS Extra Care Advantage for Diabetes Review

To help Diabetes patients save on their healthcare needs, CVS has an Extra Care Advantage program. It’s free to enroll and offers discounts on commonly needed Diabetes products and supplies. The program also offers nutrition and education about the disease.

CVS patients can enroll at the pharmacy or online at If you rely on a pharmacy other than CVS, be sure to ask if they offer special programs for Diabetes patients.

“You can talk to your pharmacist about any questions you have about prescriptions,” she said. They can also talk with you about over the counter products. Usheema Thomas also gave The Doctors studio audience CVS gift cards.

The Doctors: Sinusitis Toothache

The Doctors had one more unexplained pain to investigate. Could your toothache actually be caused by a sinus infection?

Dr Andrew Ordon explained a Sinusitis Toothache, where an inflamed sinus is close enough to the teeth to cause problems. “If you have inflammation in that sinus, you may feel it in your teeth, even though the teeth are perfectly healthy,” Dr Ordon said.

The Drs: Sinusitis Toothache Symptoms & Treatment

Symptoms include runny nose, discharge, sneezing, or facial swelling. He recommended saline, antihistamines or decongestants. Dr Travis added that, with a toothache, pressing the tooth will make the pain worse. But with this condition, you would not notice escalating pain upon contact with the tooth.

“Dental pain, if you have a bad tooth, can be referred to anywhere in the head and neck,” Dr Ordon said, saying that dentists and ENTs could work together to find a solution. Dr Jim Sears recommended a warm washcloth on the face, but you could also try a steam treatment or neti pot for relief.

Dr Travis said you should pursue relief from any chronic pain, because you cannot fix it if you don’t acknowledge that it’s there.


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