Comedian Kirk Fox The Test Review, Choroidal Nevus + Dragon Eyewear


The Doctors: Comedian Kirk Fox

Kirk Fox is a standup comedian who has been telling jokes for a living for many years. His next act will be to reinvent himself as a talk show host of The Test, but as things get going, he needs a vision test to help him read the teleprompter.

Kirk Fox: The Test Review


Comedian Kirk Fox The Test Review, Choroidal Nevus + Dragon Eyewear

Kirk Fox, host of new TV show The Test, visited The Doctors to get a vision test. He learned he was nearsighted and also had a rare Choroidal Nevus.

The actor and performer is now taking on a new gig as talk show host of The Test, which helps people get answers about paternity, polygraphs, and even pregnancy. The show will feature the first face-to-face sitdown between Dina and Michael Lohan, and in a preview clip, the conversation got out of control as Michael lashed out at his ex-wife and at host Kirk Fox.

Kirk joined Dr Travis Stork on The Doctors set to talk about his latest gig. He said he loves helping people get life-changing answers on his show. But he admitted he has had a little trouble reading his cards and his lines on the teleprompter.


The Drs TV: Choroidal Nevus

“I just thought the world was a little blurry,” Kirk Fox told Dr Stork. That’s why The Doctors sent him for a checkup.

Opthamologist Dr Matt Alpert had a chance to meet with his newest patient, Kirk Fox. He was reluctant to submit to the vision tests, but the results found that he had a Choroidal Nevus, a freckle on the eye that happens in about seven percent of people.

There is a rare chance that a Choroidal Nevus could turn into a Choroidal Melanoma, so Dr Alpert said he wanted to keep an eye on it over time. It’s really just a collection of cells.

The Doctors: Kirk Fox Nearsighted

Next was the classic vision test, where Kirk Fox had to attempt reading letters projected onto a wall. The diagnosis was that Kirk is nearsighted, and he ended up with some new glasses. Dr Alpert joined Fox and Dr Stork on the set with more results.

He said that with Fox’s nearsightedness, he needed to be wearing glasses for everything from driving to reading. Dr Stork was alarmed at that level of blurred vision. He had one final test for Kirk Fox: reading the teleprompter with his new glasses from Dragon Eyewear.

The Drs TV: Dragon Eyewear Review

Kirk seemed to enjoy his Dragon Eyewear glasses and he was able to read the teleprompter for the first time ever, reminding everyone to watch him on The Test, from the producers of The Doctors, premiering September 9. Check your local listings if you want to watch.

The Doctors: Eye Strain 20-20-20 Exercise

In conclusion, Dr Travis had some advice about eye strain. If you look at computers all day, like I do, he said you should rest your eyes every 20 minutes, by looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will let your eye muscles rest and relax.


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