Chillow Pillow For Night Sweats & How To Wake A Sleepwalker


Should You Wake Someone Who’s Having Nightmares

Has this ever happened to you? You’re lying in bed, and the person next to you starts having an obvious nightmare. Should you wake them up? My dogs do this every now and then and I almost always wake them up.

Dr. Michael Breus said if you think someone is in danger of hurting themselves during a nightmare, you should wake them up. But be careful about doing it so that you don’t get hurt.


The Doctors: Waking Someone From A Nightmare

Is it safe to wake someone up from a nightmare? Find out the right way to do this.

How To Wake Someone From A Nightmare

He suggested putting a hand on their shoulder and telling them they are dreaming, being prepared to duck any punches they throw. I guess that means it’s OK to wake the dogs from their nightmares too.

Dr. Lisa Masterson admitted that she almost punched her husband once when he woke her from a nightmare.


The Doctors: How To Help A Sleepwalker

Dr. Travis Stork said you have to keep an eye on any sleepwalkers in your life to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves. When I was a kid, I thought sleepwalking was made up, but unlike so many other childhood superstitions such as the monster under the bed, sleepwalking seems to be a real phenomenon.

“You can wake them up gently, ‘cause a lot of times, the person appreciates getting out of that dream,” Dr. Lisa said.

Nightmares can be caused by caffeine, alcohol, and lack of sleep, so managing those factors can have an effect on your nighttime excitement.

The Drs TV: Night Sweat Causes

Lorna is 51 and wakes up throughout the night because of night sweats. She also said she is having heavy, irregular periods and mood swings. The Doctors talked about the causes of Night Sweats.

Sweating after a workout is normal. But excessive sweating at night is usually a sign of something else, like Idiopathic Hydrohydrosis, which just means doctors don’t know why your sweat glands are overactive at night.

Hypoglycemia, or Low Blood Sugar, can be one cause of night sweats. Another common cause is the body’s reaction from fighting an infection. That’s because the Hypothalamus in the brain resets your internal temperature to fight illness, and those internal adjustments can lead to night sweats, according to Dr. Travis Stork.

Night Sweats & Menopause

Dr. Lisa Masterson said night sweats can also be common during Menopause, as your Estrogen levels fluctuate, causing your Hypothalamus to get confused, which wreaks havoc on your body temperature and can lead to sweating.

Night Sweats & Thyroid

The Doctors referred Lorna to Endocrinologist Dr. Katja Van Herle for an evaluation of her Night Sweats. Lorna said this problem has been going on for about a year, and she thinks she is Pre-Menopausal.

Dr. Katja suggested that it could be related to her Thyroid. In the audience, Lorna reported that she is feeling OK, but notices that symptoms are worse around her period. Dr. Travis revealed that her tests revealed no problems with her Thyroid.

Night Sweats & Pre-Menopause

Dr. Lisa said Lorna’s Estradiol level was low, which could be affecting her Hypothalamus and causing Night Sweats. She said it’s likely that Dr. Lisa is in Peri-Menopause. She suggested Lorna pursue treatments for Hot Flashes, and continue to monitor her condition.

The Doctors: Cool Jams Wicking Pajamas Review

To help Lorna fight Night Sweats, Dr. Lisa showed off Cool Jams wicking pajamas that will help keep her dry at night. The package also included moisture wicking sheets.

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The Drs: Chillow Pillow Review

Finally, they showed off the Chillow Pillow that stays cool through the night to help you relax. Dr. Lisa said these products, in addition to prescription treatments, should help her manage these symptoms.

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