Children Trapped in Toy Machines | Alyssa: Teen Talking Backwards


The Doctors: Kids Medical Advice

Children’s humorous and pointedly honest comments have been a TV staple since the days of black and white. Today they are helping The Doctors by giving medical advice through the unvarnished prism of a kid’s perspective.

One child recommended eating lasagna to feel strong and healthy. Another told comedian Teresa Strasser that doctors are looking for bugs when they stick that light in your ear.


The Doctors: Toy Vending Machine

Toy vending machines can be dangerous because small children can climb inside.

The Drs TV: Kids & How To Be Healthy

A girl explained that germs are tiny bugs that you get rid of in the toilet, but definitely not in the pool. “Then the lifeguards go in and catch it with a net.” She also recommended that grownups play so they don’t turn out fat like her dad.

Another child said that seafood protein is what keeps him strong. Putting food in your heart will keep it healthy, the Lasagna Kid said. I’m not sure he got the right message from the body book he claims to have read.


I will say, in defense of these children, that there are plenty of adults out there who are equally naive and ignorant about health and diet, as evidenced by America’s rapidly expanding obesity epidemic.

Teen Can Say Words Backwards

The Doctors shared a YouTube video of a teenage girl who can say any word backwards within three seconds of hearing it. Watch Alyssa Talking Backwards on YouTube.

The girl, Alyssa, was in the audience. She explained that she has a photographic memory and has been able to do this since she learned to read, around age 5 or 6.

Backwards Talking Teen Test

Dr. Travis Stork gave three audience members dictionaries and let them pick out words for her to repeat backwards.

Audience member Hannah selected Heartthrob, and Alyssa instantly said it backwards, as Borhttraeh. Tori in the audience chose Octopus, which Alyssa repeated as Supotco. The last word from the audience was Translate, which is Etalsnart.

People Who Can Talk Backwards

The Doctors called a medical researcher, Dr. Lewis Leavitt, from the University of Wisconsin. He has studied the phenomenon of people like Alyssa, who can speak backwards. He explained that this is not rare, and kids may naturally experiment with doing this as they learn language.

Dr. Travis explained one potential benefit of this talent: “If you use a curse word backwards, no one knows what you’re saying.”

Toddler’s Sexist Toy Rant

Another YouTube video featured an opinionated toddler who is a budding feminist. She spoke out about gender roles in the toy aisle of a department store, saying “it wouldn’t be fair for all the girls to buy princesses, and all the boys to buy superheroes. Girls want superheroes” too, she said.

Her father asked why she thinks the world works this way, and she replied that “the companies who make these try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff.” That girl seems to be on top of things. You can Watch the Riley on Marketing YouTube video.

Girls Toys Vs Boys Toys

Five-year-old Riley and her father, Dennis, appeared via satellite to talk about her story. “I’ve always explained to her that she doesn’t have to buy pink stuff or girls’ toys,” he said, mentioning that his daughter preferred superhero toys.

Dr. Lisa Masterson agreed with Riley that there should be female superhero toys. Riley’s favorites include Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears said parents often ask if it’s OK for boys to play with dolls and traditionally female toys or girls to play with trucks and other traditionally male toys. “There’s no problem mixing it up. What toys you play with, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the future at all,” he said.

Girl Stuck in Vending Machine

We’ve all thought about it, but by the time I considered it as a possibility, I was too big a child. The Doctors showed surveillance video of a young girl who saw something she liked in a toy vending machine and was determined to get it for herself.

The girl crawled inside the machine and went to play among the toys as her mother struggled to get her out of the machine. It took two adults to finally coax her out of the machine, and it looked like she came out just fine. But did she get her toy?

Kids Vending Machine Dangers

Dr. Jim said this is actually a common occurrence, because the dispensing doors and slots of these toy machines can be as large as 12” by 12”. Dr. Travis said he would be concerned about the dangers of moving parts in the machines, as well as the suffocation hazards.

“That claw thing is so hard to work,” Dr. Jim said. “It’s easier to just go in there and grab a toy yourself.” In all seriousness, The Doctors suggested keeping a close eye on your kids when they’re around these types of machines.


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