Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe


The Doctors: Ice Cream Dangers

Americans eat more than a billion gallons of ice cream every year, and there are 12 pounds of milk in every gallon. Classic Vanilla is the favorite flavor, with Chocolate and Strawberry rounding out the top three.  You will definitely want to add Chef Rocco’s Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe to your Pinterest Board!

The Doctors already ruined Pink Slime Hamburgers and Chlorine Soaked Chicken for us. Now they’re turning their attention to the chemicals slowly poisoning us via ice cream.


The Doctors Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

When you find out what chemicals are lurking in your ice cream, you'll be ready to make your own natural version at home using Chef Rocco's recipe.

Vanilla Ice Cream Contains Lice Medicine

Dr. Travis Stork said real Vanilla Beans are expensive, so the shortcut ice cream makers turn to is Piperonal, a synthetic Vanilla flavor that is also used to kill lice. Gross. I’m glad I don’t like Vanilla Ice Cream anyway.

Pineapple Ice Cream Ethyl Acetate

Dr. Lisa Masterson has a warning for folks who love Pineapple Ice Cream. It can contain a sweetening agent that might make you feel sick. Ethyl Acetate, which is sometimes used to create that tangy sensation, is a chemical also found in Nail Polish Remover, Cigarettes, and Leather Cleaner.


The Drs TV: Does Ice Cream Cause Cancer

“We’re not suggesting Pineapple Ice Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream’s going to cause cancer, like smoking cigarettes, or that you’re eating Lice Killer. That’s not it at all,” Dr. Travis said.

The point is to expose the truth behind the artificial flavorings in our food. “We should know what our food’s going to do to us,” Chef Rocco DiSpirito said.

Do Artificial Dyes Cause ADHD?

Dr. Travis pointed out that these chemicals are considered safe by the FDA, but “no one really knows, I think, in the end.”

Dr. Jim Sears said as a pediatrician he is concerned about the effects of artificial dyes on children. He said 15 million pounds of artificial coloring are added to our food every year.

He said that chemicals such as Red Dye #40, Yellows #5 and #6, and Blue #1 have been scientifically linked to higher instances of ADHD. Dr. Jim said an FDA panel investigated but declined to recommend warning labels on dyed foods.

Natural Dye Alternatives

Dr. Jim said you could use Beet Juice or other alternatives instead of chemical dyes. But Dr. Travis said the drawback is the cost, because dyes are cheaper. “We have to figure out a way,” he said.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said it’s important to look at the labels and be aware of what you could be putting in your body. She suggested choosing ice cream options with fewer ingredients.

“I don’t think the same ingredients that are in our ice cream should be in our cigarettes and nail polish remover,” Chef Rocco said.

Rocco’s Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

“With about $2 worth of ingredients, we can make four huge portions of what I call Instant Strawberry Soft Serve,” Chef Rocco said.

His recipe uses Stevia, an all natural sweetener he claims has no side effects or calories.

This recipe makes four servings. Chef Rocco said 4 oz. of typical strawberry ice cream would have about 300 calories, but his recipe has just 55 calories.

“Making your own, you know exactly what’s in it,” Dr. Travis said.


  • 2 cups Frozen, unsweetened strawberries
  • 2 tsp. Stevia sweetener
  • ½ tsp. Xanthan gum
  • 2 tbsp. Agave
  • 4 tsp. Lemon Juice
  • 3 tsp. Water


  1. Combine wet ingredients in a blender.
  2. Add dry ingredients and blend together until mixed.
  3. Next, add strawberries, blending and stirring for about five seconds.
  4. Serve immediately or store in a sealed container until ready to eat.
  5. Enjoy your guilt-free, dye-free, low calorie dessert.



  1. Noor says

    Thank you. The “doctors” don’t have the recipe for the soft serve ice-cream on their website yet and I’m just about ready to go shopping. Thanks for the efficiency and help. Great site!

      • says

        Hi Sheryl,

        It should be fine to use other fruits, though using sweetened fruits will increase your calorie count.

        Also, Rocco stressed that he was using frozen strawberries, so you may want to stick to frozen blueberries or blackberries. Good luck experimenting! Report back on your findings if you try it.

  2. Terry Rawlinson says

    I use a Yonana machine for all my “ice cream” now It has NO other ingredients other than fruit I dont know what xanthem gum is and dont know where to get it. Stick with just fruit & you have it made!

  3. Mindy says

    Sheryl, I just made it with frozen wild blueberries and it is as good as the strawberry. Going for fresh frozen peaches next week. I had to order xanthan gum online, but got it in two days and was good to go. Our strawberry “ice cream” was finished in just a few days. There is just my son and I eating it. 😉

  4. Marilyn says

    Xanathun gum is available at almost all grocery stores and health food shops and anywhere else that gluten free baking products…ususally where all the speciality grain/flours are sold. I suapect it adds to the texture. I would think it is pretty important..once you try it…Heck even Walmart carries the stuff…lol

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