Betty White “I’m Still Hot” & Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer Review


The Doctors: Too Old To Be Sexy?

How old is too old to look and feel sexy? I’d say it not so much a fixed age as a state of mind. For example, there is nothing sexy about Mother-Daughter Breast Implants.

Betty White, on the other hand, has a timeless sense of humor, which is a quality many people say they find attractive. The Doctors shared Betty White’s throwback ‘80s-style rap commercial for an insurance company called The Lifeline Program.


In the video, Betty sits atop a throne surrounded by young, buff dancers. They even pretend that she is break dancing at one point. Check out Betty White’s “I’m Still Hot” Rap Music Video.

The Doctors: Betty White

At age 90, Betty White is still as hot as ever, rapping and joking around in a new music video featured on The Doctors. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

The Drs TV: Is Betty White Still Hot?

“Betty White still is very hot, and super, super sexy,” Dr. Lisa Masterson said, getting Dr. Jim Sears to agree with her.


I knew there was no way The Doctors landed Betty White as a guest. Why did I get my hopes up? Instead, they are now shilling for the company featured in Betty’s commercial. This is just shameless.

Dr. Lisa explained that Lifeline “enables seniors to rethink their funding for retirement programs.” This sounds suspicious, so if anyone is falling for this sales pitch, I hope you read the fine print before signing away your retirement fund.

Betty White: LA Zoo Association

Betty White’s appearance in the rap commercial benefits the LA Zoo Association, one of her favorite charities. You have to give it up for Betty White. She loves animals and has made a habit of giving back to the causes she believes in.

Pets Health Benefits For Humans

The Doctors showed pictures of all their pets as Dr. Andrew Ordon said that “having a pet is good for you in terms of keeping stress Cortisol low.”

Betty White recently celebrated her 90th birthday, and The Doctors tried to imagine what it would be like to still be hosting this program as nonagenarians. God forbid.

The Doctors: Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer Review

Dr. Jim showed off a new gadget called the Hand Fitness Trainer, winner of a Medical Design Excellence Award. It’s supposed to be helpful in slowing progressive diseases like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and Tennis Elbow.

Click here to check out the Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer.

How Xtensor Hand Fitness Trainer Works

The Flexor muscles we use for gripping and grabbing are usually pretty strong. But this device works out the Extensor muscles in your wrist, for increased joint strength.

Dr. Andrew said that physical therapy for your hands is important, even though we don’t hear much about it. But Dr. Travis Stork said he couldn’t see himself using it on a regular basis, and advised against wearing it out in public.

Does Soda Cause Teen Violence

Do your teens drink a lot of soda? According to a recent study, teens who drink more than five non-diet sodas per week could be 15% more likely to act out violently.

Of the teens surveyed who drank 14 sodas per week (which is two a day), 43% said they carry a weapon, 27% admitted to domestic violence, and 35% had acted out against peers.

The Doctors were skeptical about this study, mentioning a variety of other factors that could be affecting or compelling this type of behavior, including lack of parental supervision. Dr. Lisa said the research was not controlled, and there are a variety of ways teens could be exposed to sugar or caffeine.

None of them wanted to defend soda, but they were quick to say that there are holes in this research. “To say this is a cause-effect would be extreme,” Dr. Travis said.


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