Autistic Stims: Humming & Covering Ears: Proof Everyone’s Autistic?


What Are Stims & What is Stimming?

Carly Fleischmann was able to communicate with The Doctors using a tablet which contained over 5,000 different words she could use, all of which she seemed to breeze through pretty quicky. She was even able to ask for a drink, a coke in a can to be more specific, using her tablet. And the voice on the tablet is even her own voice.

Autistic Stims: Humming & Covering Ears: Proof Everyone's Autistic?

What are Autistic Stims? Some examples include humming & covering your ears. But is stimming normal for all of us? Perhaps this is proof that everyone is on the Autism Spectrum?


The Doctors asked Carly what a stim was. She explained a stim is a akin to a nervous tick. Many people twirl their hair when they are nervous or tap a pencil on a desk as they try to work on a problem. These could be considered stims.  Perhaps we all fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum? What do you think?  Carly’s stims though comes through because of an overbearing amount of stimulus in the air. Noise, people, movement, light or any number of things bombard Carly Fleischmann on a daily bases, making her cover her ears and rock back and forth to try and stop the stimulus from getting through to her brain.

@CarlysVoice on Twitter for Autistic Inspiration!

The Doctors asked Carly Fleischmann what people most urgently needed to know about Autism. And her answer was quite clear. People need to encourage autistic people to be the best they can be. Carly said she wants people to believe in her and believe in her abilities to do whatever she wants to do in her life.  I wonder what she would like to do?  Perhaps inspirational speaking or writing?

After the question and answer section with the doctors, Carly said she is trying to get more Twitter followers and even asked Dr. Stork to follow her. We should all encourage this strong young women and learn as much as we can from her and follow her on her Twitter account. Her Twitter name is @CarlysVoice.


As Dr. Stork put it, autistic children know a lot more about what is going on than we give them credit for.


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