Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery With Dr Michael Alexiades DePuy


The Doctors: Hip Surgery

Phil is an avid walker, but he is starting to notice hip pain that is slowing him down. He is 58 years old, and wanted to find a solution for his hip pain so he can maintain his active lifestyle.

Dr. Andrew Ordon referred Phil to Dr. Michael Alexiades, an orthopedic surgeon in New York City. “You do need a hip replacement,” Dr. Michael said. But he explained that recent innovations mean a shorter recovery time.


The Doctors: Hip Replacement

This new hip replacement surgery shortens recovery time and means less pain.

The Drs TV: Hip Replacement

Dr. Michael said the incision goes between muscles into the hip socket, to remove the ball from the joint.

Using a metal socket and plastic liner, Dr. Michael and his team replaced Phil’s hip socket and femur, ensuring that “leg lengths are equal,” which I would think is important.


Finally, they inserted an artificial hip ball in the new socket.

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

After the surgery, Dr. Michael and Phil joined Dr. Andrew and Dr. Travis Stork in the studio. Dr. Michael explained that this anterior surgery is becoming increasingly popular for hip replacement.

That’s because improvements with equipment and techniques allow doctors to do this surgery without cutting through muscle. This means less pain and faster recovery for the patient.

Phil said he’s feeling great, and even danced at his niece’s wedding. His surgery took place December 8, and the wedding was about a month ago.

DePuy Hip Surgery

Using a DePuy hip surgery animation, Dr. Michael explained how the procedure removes the anatomy “to get to the raw bone,” before inserting the mechanical replacement parts and testing everything to make sure it works properly. In the end, “mechanically they work very, very well.”

How To Prevent Hip Replacement

The best thing you can do to avoid needing hip surgery is manage your weight. “For every pound you gain, you put another 2.5 pounds of pressure on the hip, because of the mechanical forces that are there,” Dr. Michael explained.

Is there any medical affliction that weight management can’t solve?

He also suggested getting early treatment for hip problems to prevent them from advancing and requiring more serious intervention.


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