The Chew Turkey Pot Pie Recipe & Clinton Kelly Thanksgiving CheckList

The Chew: Turkey Pot Pie

The turkey pot pie was finished and ready to serve. And it looked really good. Golden brown crust on top, delicious looking vegetables inside and a nice sauce. I would have made the sauce a bit thicker by adding more flour, but either way I am sure it tasted delicious.

Chef Michael Symon said he loves making this recipe because it will stay hot for a long time. Simply cover the the top of the pot pie and continue making whatever other Thanksgiving dishes you have in store, with peace of mind that the pot pie is going to be warm.

And he said at about 180 calories a serving it is still pretty good for you. And it will leave a lot more room for other delicious Thanksgiving treats.

The Chew Turkey Pot Pie Recipe & Clinton Kelly Thanksgiving CheckList

The Chew crew tried out the turkey pot pie they made and Clinton Kelly went over his Thanksgiving checklist.

Chef Symon said he always has a lot of people over for Thanksgiving and this is the perfect dish to give people some variety.

The Chew: Practice Makes Perfect

Mario Batali said to make sure you practice making the dish before you serve it. You should never attempt to make a dish for the first time when you have guests coming over. Practicing the recipe is the best way to make it perfect and the best way to make sure it turns out great during Thanksgiving. Make it seem like you are professional chef when guests arrive and see a great, diverse meal waiting on the table.

Carla Hall said to be a good chef you should always be looking for ideas and trying out new stuff.

Dahpne Oz said she was impressed with everyone last year when they all made turkey a different way. She said it should be even better this year when they have three weeks of Thanksgiving recipes and not just one week for Thanksgiving recipes.

The Chew: Clinton Kelly Thanksgiving Checklist

Clinton Kelly came up with a Thanksgiving checklist everyone should go over before the big day arrives:

  • Invite guests – It may seem trivial but it is important. Some people have to make travel arrangements and find the money to get to Thanksgiving. The sooner they get an invite, the better.
  • Plan the menu – Think about what you want to make and how you may make it.
  • Check the supplies – Make sure you have everything you need before Thanksgiving. You may think you have bread crumbs, but it is always better to double check.
  • Clean out the pantry – In fact de-clutter the house to make guests, and family, feel welcome.

The Chew: Vanessa Williams Tweet

Even celebrities watch The Chew. Vanessa Williams recently tweeted:

Still have power in NY, thank God! Hurricane Sandy gave me 2 days off from @666ParkAve_ABC. Cooking short ribs recipe on learned on @thechew

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