The Chew: Oysters Rockefeller Recipe + Hugh Bonneville Downton S4


The Chew: Hugh Bonneville Downton Abbey

From one of TV’s most famous homes, Downton Abbey, star Hugh Bonneville, was in The Chew kitchen to dish about season 4 of the period drama. He also stuck around to make an Oysters Rockefeller Recipe with Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz.

Bonneville said he had no idea that the show would become a worldwide phenomenon. He just liked the characters, and he wanted to know what would happen next. Bonneville and his castmates were in the US to do some promotion for the upcoming season, but they were heading back home to the UK for Christmas.


The Chew: Downton Abbey Season 4

The Chew: Oysters Rockefeller Recipe + Hugh Bonneville Downton S4

From the anticipated fourth season of PBS’s Downton Abbey, The Chew welcomed Hugh Bonneville to the kitchen to make an Oysters Rockefeller Recipe.

One of Hugh Bonneville’s traditions was lighting the Christmas pudding, which sounded like a fun time to The Chew crew. But he is not much help in the kitchen, preferring to let his talented wife take over the kitchen. He enjoys a good meal of ribs when he is in America.

Bonneville thought the romantic attention for his character from audiences was hilarious. He seemed to be humbly taking it all in stride. Season four of Downton Abbey kicks off January 5 2014 on PBS, and the characters are in mourning to start off the season.


“This season really is about Lady Mary regrouping, the house regrouping around Lady Mary, and it does mean that some gorgeous men come galloping over the horizon,” Bonneville said.

The Chew: Clinton Kelly Oysters Rockefeller Recipe Ingredients

The Chew hosts put Bonneville to work shucking oysters, making dirty jokes all the while. You too can try out this classic recipe inspired by a family that could be considered US royalty.

  • 16 shucked, chilled Oysters in half shell
  • 1 chopped Onion
  • 4 cups Spinach
  • 1/2 cup Panko Breadcrumbs
  • 3 tbsp Butter
  • 1 minced clove Garlic
  • 2 tsp Anise Liqueur
  • 1/3 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
  • Hot Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Rock Salt

Clinton Kelly: The Chew Oysters Rockefeller Recipe Directions

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F.
  2. Melt butter on medium in a saute pan.
  3. Add onions and salt, cooking to translucent.
  4. Then add garlic, letting it saute until aromatic.
  5. Toss in spinach and drizzle liqueur, cooking to wilt the leaves.
  6. Take off heat.
  7. Add cheese, breadcrumbs, and hot sauce. Adjust seasonings.
  8. Place a heap of spinach on top of each oyster.
  9. Arrange these on a baking sheet lined with rock salt.
  10. Bake to light golden, about seven minutes.
  11. Serve warm with champagne.


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