The Chew: Michael Symon’s Pierogi Lasagna, Potato Pierogi Casserole


The Chew: Michael Symon’s Pierogi Lasagna

Michael Symon put his own spin on traditional lasagna and made a pierogi lasagna on The Chew. Mario Batali gave him a hard time and said he couldn’t call it lasagna. Symon looked up the definition of lasagna and said it’s pasta, cheese and vegetables baked, which is what his pierogi lasagna has. To keep the peace, Symon decided to rename it “potato pierogi casserole.”



  1. Fr. Nicholas says

    Growing up, if Grandma “Busia” was too busy, we slapped together “SLOPPY PIEROGI” because it eliminated making dough, filling circles, various choices of fillings, crimping, putting under tea-towel and the tedious boiling! But I’d rather have Grandma’s, but she’s making pierogi in heaven!

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