The Chew: Michael Symon Basic Moist Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe


The Chew: Thanksgiving Back To Basics

The Chew crew went back to basics to give you the foundation you need to make Thanksgiving easy, delicious, and fun. What part of the traditional Thanksgiving menu do you think is not your best? Michael Symon shared his basic Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe on The Chew.

The Chew: How To Make Moist Stuffing

Sayjal loves to eat stuffing, but she feels like her own recipe always comes out too dry. Symon shared his recipe with her and explained that you can embellish it with your own favorite additions, from meat to spices to fruit and much more.



  1. Brenda Hollingsworth says

    It took ten sheets of paper to get a copy of Michael Symon’s stuffing recipe. I won’t come to this web site again!

    • Ben says

      You should have used the print option on the page, not the browser. When you print form the browser it can break up the page into sections and print all the comments. When you use the print option on the page it formats it to one page. This is true on most recipe sites, otherwise you have 1 page of the recipe, 3 pages of advertisements, and another 20 of comments.

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