The Chew: Italian Chef Fabio Viviani & Destination Dinners


The Chew April 25 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

It’s time for Destination Dinners on a new Thursday episode of The Chew. Get cooking with guest chef Fabio Viviani, who of course has a new cookbook full of ideas to share. Plus, take a trip around the world to one of Mario Batali’s favorite destinations.


The Chew: Chef Fabio Viviani

The Chew: Italian Chef Fabio Viviani & Destination Dinners

The Chew April 25 2013 is the Destination Dinners episode, featuring inspired Italian cuisine with Chef Fabio Viviani and The Chew’s own Mario Batali.

Chef Fabio Viviani is no stranger to The Chew’s kitchen. He will be back once again to make something special for The Chew crew and the lucky audience members at the Tasting Table on the show’s Thursday, April 25 episode.

Viviani has a cookbook out right now called Fabio’s Italian Kitchen, and you know that means it is loaded with classic Italian fare. If you have always wanted to learn how to make some Italian favorites, this could be the cookbook that helps you put all the pieces together.


Find out what Fabio wants everyone to be able to make at home when he returns to The Chew for Thursday’s show.

The Chew: Destination Dinners

This episode of The Chew is called Destination Dinners, and to me, that suggests we could be taking a culinary trip around the world. One fascinating thing about food is that it can transport you to the cultures and customs of people you have never met and places you may never visit.

Food can be an experience and a destination all in itself, especially when you are making it with your own hands and watching it transform through the various steps of the process. Find out where your kitchen can take you with these Destination Dinners recipes coming up on the April 25 2013 edition of The Chew.

Check back here to get recaps and recipes if you miss anything from this all new episode of The Chew. As always, we’ve got you covered.


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