Mario Batali: The Chew Red Wine and Fennel Pork Spareribs Recipe


The Chew: Braisin’ Bash

How about some Pork Spareribs for The Chew’s Braisin’ Bash episode? Mario Batali and Carla Hall shared the kitchen for this Red Wine and Fennel Pork Spareribs Recipe.

Have your butcher cut your rack of ribs for you to save on the prep work and get something fresh and delicious. They are easier to work with, will cook faster, and could even be used in a pasta sauce this way.

The Chew: Anchovies & Aromatic Vegetables

Aromatic veggies create a steamy bath to infuse the meat with flavor. You can use whatever vegetables you have at hand, but the hosts used carrots, fennel, and red onion to make it magical.



  1. yvonne says

    I love the style of cooking from Mario as well as his stories on each dish, makes me feel like i “could be there”. Just a note on this episode, Piemonte is located in Northeast Italy. There is’nt a Northcentral region as stated by Mario. Piemonte is as far Northeast as you can get in Italy.

    Thanks for the stories Mario…

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