The Chew Twix Recipe: Michael Symon Chocolate Caramel Crunch Bars


The Chew How’d They Make That: Homemade Twix Candy Bar Recipe

No matter what your age, you probably remember growing up with one Twix commercial or another. The Chew pointed out that the debut of Twix predates Daphne Oz by three years, coming on the scene in 1983. Check out Michael’s Chocolate Caramel Crunch Bars Recipe, in the style of Twix, from the latest installment of How’d They Make That?


  1. barbara Orlowski says

    Recommend cooling the pan in the refrigerator. After waiting approx 2hrs as recommended in recipe, the bars were too gooy to cut. I actually left them over night in refrigerator. Easy to cut and dip. Unfortunately, they were not ready for Valentines Day. Once taken to work to share by my husband, they disappeared. Many request for my recipe.

  2. MnM says

    The Twix Are So Rich In Taste! I Would Advise To Leave The Finished Product In The Refrigerator For The Twix To Get Hard.

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