The Chew: Triple Layer Graveyard Dip Recipe

The Chew: Triple Layer Graveyard Dip

You really can’t talk about crowd-pleasing bites without a special crowd-pleasing guest. The hilarious Wanda Sykes admitted that her wife, although she’s French, doesn’t enjoy cooking and it comes through in her food. She’s even done skits about her wife’s cooking as part of her routine, and joked that her friends will call to be sure she’s the one cooking before they come over. Wanda and her wife have 7-year-old twins together, and according to Wanda they definitely prefer her cooking! It’s a good thing she has a little experience in the kitchen, because she helped Clinton Kelly prepare a Triple Layer Graveyard Dip!

You can recreate the same spooky, tasty dip at home! Just click next page to get the recipe.

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