The Chew: Cheesy Herb Biscuit Monkey Bread Recipe


The Chew: Cheesy Herb Biscuit Monkey Bread

Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly teamed up in an effort to answer a very important questions: store-bought or homemade? It depends on the recipe, right? For their Cheesy Herb Biscuit Monkey Bread, the duo made two versions, one with homemade biscuits and one with store-bought canned biscuit dough. They admitted that both were surprisingly, equally delicious, but there can only be one winner. They turned to some audience members sitting at the tasting table to hear what they thought, and ultimately declared store-bought the winner. But all-in-all, it doesn’t matter which version you go with, because this recipe is an absolute winner! If you decide to go with store-bought dough, use 2 cans or 16 biscuits.

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