The Chew: Cajun Fried Turkey In Pieces Recipe


The Chew: Cajun Fried Turkey In Pieces

When serving up a food sure to please the taste buds of anyone around you, you have to go with something tried and true! Mario Batali firmly believes in that idea, which is why he wanted to share the recipe for his Cajun Fried Turkey in Pieces. Mario joked that he was using the “Mario Batali Triple Dip” method for his fried turkey, which ensured that it was super crispy and crunchy, like most people want their fried turkey to be! It’s important to remember not to fill your pan more than 50% with oil to leave room for the dredged chicken, that way you avoid over-flowing the pan and making a mess.

Now, go forth and fry! To get the recipe, click next page.

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