The Chew: Cajun Jambalaya + New Orlean’s Crab Dip Recipe


The Chew February 9 2016 Recap

The Chew hosts celebrated Fat Tuesday the best way they knew how: with a Mardi Gras celebration! Their New Orlean’s themed episode featured everything from classic Cajun Jambalaya to a cool New Orlean’s Crab Dip. Michael Symon even shared a New Orlean’s cocktail recipe that’s typically served at breakfast, while Carla Hall took care of dessert! They’ve got an entire menu taken care of, and you won’t want to miss a single recipe!


The Chew: Bananas Foster Buckle Recipe

The Chew: Cajun Jambalaya + New Orlean's Crab Dip Recipe

Mario Batali is a known fan of New Orlean’s cuisine, so i was no surprise that he was thrilled to share his recipe for Cajun Jambalaya. (gromgull/ Flickr)

Carla Hall kicked off the episode by preparing a Mardi Gras-worthy dessert recipe, so that it could cook all episode long before being devoured at the end of the show. Her Bananas Foster Buckle is the perfect hybrid between a moist cake and decadent, warm bananas foster.

–> The Chew: Bananas Foster Buckle Recipe


The Chew: New Orlean’s Crab Dip Recipe

Clinton Kelly then had an appetizer recipe to share, as he was joined by Access Hollywood hosts Kit Hoover and Billy Bush. The duo excitedly helped Clinton put together his New Orlean’s Crab Dip recipe.

–> The Chew: New Orlean’s Crab Dip Recipe

The Chew: Cajun Jambalaya Recipe

Mario Batali then stepped into the kitchen to share a recipe for Cajun Jambalaya, made just like they do in the city, with tomatoes, shrimp, sausage, and chicken. When served over rice, you’ll feel as if there’s nothing else in the world you need!

–> The Chew: Cajun Jambalaya Recipe

The Chew: Gin Fizz Recipe

Finally, Michael Symon wanted to be sure his co-hosts had a cocktail to sip on in honor of their celebration, so he shared a recipe for Gin Fizz with his own little twist. This cocktail requires a good shake, which meant each host had to vigorously shake the cocktail shaker at least twenty times before it was ready to go. Go ahead and get your party guests in on the fun by giving them turns to shake up the drink!

–> The Chew: Gin Fizz Recipe


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