The Chew: Cover Blubber, Grill Comb, Quick Whip & Zip Zester Review


The Chew: International Home and Housewares Show

From the International Home and Housewares Show, The Chew’s Michael Symon found some of the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets everyone will want in their homes this year. Some of these products are so new that they are not yet on sale. But check out Cover Blubber, Quick Whip, and the Zip Zester review.

The Chew: Cover Blubber Review

The Chew: Cover Blubber, Grill Comb, Quick Whip & Zip Zester Review

The Chew found great products at the International Home and Housewares Show, such as Cover Blubber, the Grill Comb, Quick Whip and a Zip Zester review.


Michael Symon showed off a great gadget to use in place of disposable plastic wrap. The Cover Blubber is a reusable lid that expands or contracts to cover up and seal your leftovers. That is a really neat innovation.

The Chew: Quick Whip Review

There were all kinds of products on display, including the Avo Loop avocado peeler.

Hutzler makes the Quick Whip, which helps you instantly create fresh whipped cream, and the canister also dispenses the finished product.


The Chew: Zip Zester Review

Michael challenged inventor Benjamin Willis to a zesting challenge with the new Zip Zester product. The Zip Zester works quickly and efficiently, creating a consistent peel for bars and kitchens.

The Chew: Cuisinart Combo Steam and Convection Oven Review

The Cuisinart Combo Steam and Convection Oven can be used in the home for steam heat that leaves the interior of a dish moist while creating a crisp exterior. Michael said gadgets like that could eliminate the need for chefs, but that will never happen.

The Chew: Winbot Robotic Window Cleaner Review

You’ve seen the robotic vacuum cleaners, but now Winbot makes a robotic window cleaner that works vertically instead of horizontally.

How come there is not a TV show that just features products discovered at trade conventions? I would watch that to learn about products like the ones Michael found.

The Chew: Grill Comb Review & Grillbot Review

Back in the studio, Michael showed off the Grill Comb, which works instead of a kabob to help you keep skewered items accessible on the grilll.

When it’s time to clean up, the Grillbot can get the job done for you. It is another robotic device that does the dirty work for you.

Which of these gadgets sounds the best to you?



  1. says

    I have not found them yet. It is possible that they are not for sale yet, since this was a trade show preview. But if anyone finds them, let me know so I can update the article. Thanks for reading!

  2. Magali Urrutia says

    Maybe you could post a video clip of the now incredibly popular Cover Blubber?? I am obsessed with it!

    • says

      Unfortunately, The Chew no longer makes its video clips shareable on other websites, so I can’t add it to this article. But I am excited about the Cover Blubber too!

  3. Pamela Otlowski says

    Can the Winbot Window Cleaner be used on mirrors (I have wall to wall/ceiling to floor mirrors which I hate but can’t afford to have replaced right now)? I HATE CLEANING THESE THINGS EVEN MORE THAN I HATE HOW THEY LOOK! Do you know when this will be available? (Even if it does not work on mirrors, it would be great to have for all the wall to wall and floor to ceiling glass doors I have.) I live in Palm Desert where the wind blows sand and dirt EVERYWHERE.

  4. Stephen says

    They had a short bit on a few flour maker… when he was eating the gluten free cookie. Do you know the brand of that flour maker?

    • says

      It went by really fast, and the only brand signage I saw was Home World. They didn’t even mention the product name, but I hope Home World is a start in your search. Good luck!

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