The Chew: Conrad’s Confectionary 3-Foot Tall Chocolate Easter Bunny


The Chew: Conrad’s Confectionary Three-Foot Tall Chocolate Easter Bunny

Carla Hall really loves chocolate so when she found out about the three-foot tall chocolate Easter bunny made at Conrad’s Confectionary in Westwood, New Jersey, she knew she had to travel there to check it out.

The Chew: Conrad's Confectionary 3-Foot Tall Chocolate Easter Bunny

Carla Hall went to Conrad’s Confectionary in Westwood, New Jersey to check out their three-foot tall chocolate Easter bunny.


Conrad’s makes over 50 different kinds of bunnies, from 2-inch tall chocolate Easter bunnies to 3-foot tall chocolate Easter bunnies, with some of the molds dating back to the late 1800s according to JJ Krachtus, part owner of the business. The store, which sells around 7,000 chocolate Easter bunnies during Easter, has been a family-run business since first opening it’s doors in 1928.

Carla Hall had the pleasure of helping JJ Krachtus make their famous 3-foot tall, 24 pound chocolate Easter bunny. To make the giant bunny, Hall and Krachtus filled the mold for the Easter bunny four separate times before they had enough chocolate to cover the entire mold. After filling the mold, they let the bunny sit on a bed of chocolate for an hour to get a nice base. But they weren’t done yet. JJ called in his mother, Corinne Krachtus, to help them put the finishing touches on the bunny. A few candy bites here and there, and Hall was satisfied with her creation.

Getting it back to The Chew studio was another challenge though. When she got the bunny back to the studio, everyone nibbled on a few pieces and Michael Symon told everyone the reason he loves Easter, besides the chocolate, is for the time he gets to spend with family. He said he likes it just as much as Thanksgiving because it is a holiday that is about spending time with family and doesn’t involve gifts or anything else. It is simply about being together and having fun.



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