The Chew: What Is Arroz Rojo And Daphne Oz’s Guacamole Recipe


The Chew: May 31 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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On The Chew May 31 2013, it’s a Mexican edition of Extra Value Friday with Daphne Oz’s guacamole with pistachio and radish recipe, a mango with chili, lime and salt recipe, Chef Marcela Valladolid’s baja-style chicken with Arroz Rojo recipe, and audience members sharing their own Mexican-inspired dishes. But wait, what is Arroz Rojo?


The Chew: What Is Arroz Rojo?

The Chew: What Is Arroz Rojo And Daphne Oz's Guacamole Recipe

What is Arroz Rojo? Find out on The Chew, along with many other recipes, on May 31 2013.

Arroz rojo populates many menus at Mexican restaurants, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. So, what is Arroz Rojo? Arroz rojo, also known as Spanish Rice (though some think that this is an American misnomer of some sort), is a tomato-flavored rice that is served with just about every dish at American Mexican restaurants and many dishes in Mexico, as well.

Where preparation is concerned, arroz rojo is commonly put in oil and fried along with onions and garlic. Once the rice appears slightly toasted, the rice is removed from the heat and the tomato paste (or sauce, depending on the recipe) and perhaps grated tomato are added.


This seems like a pretty easy-to-do recipe, so I wonder what the chefs on The Chew will add to it to make this recipe worth paying attention to. What do you guys think they will add to the recipe to make it interesting?

The Chew: Daphne Oz’s Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole is an avocado-based condiment pioneered by the Aztecs in Mexico. Though it started as a cornerstone in Mexican dishes, it eventually made its way over to America and became a mainstay as a dipping sauce, condiment, and a salad ingredient.

Traditionally, making guacamole involves mashing ripe avocadoes in a mortar and pestle, along with salt. There are many different ways to make guacamole, based on seasonings used.  Guacamole recipes can call for anything from  simple flavors such as tomato, onion and garlic, all the way to some others, such as lime juice, chili, and yogurt.


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