The Chew Valerie Bertinelli One Dish at a Time & One Stop Holiday Shop


The Chew November 28 2012

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now online. Here are the links to each of the segments from the show.

The Chew November 28 2012 will feature a visit from Valerie Bertinelli, who just released her first cookbook One Dish at a Time.


The Chew: Valerie Bertinelli One Dish at a Time

Valerie Bertinelli will be on The Chew November 28 to talk about her first cookbook, One Dish at a Time. Her cookbook is about her favorite recipes and things she ate growing up in her Italian-American home. Bertinelli will also share the things she always makes around the holidays.

The Chew Valerie Bertinelli One Dish at a Time & One Stop Holiday Shop

Actress Valerie Bertinelli will share her first cookbook, One Dish at a Time, on The Chew November 28 2012.

Bertinelli is known for the TV show One Day at a Time, and it seems like her new cookbook is a little play on words! Bertinelli was also on Touched by an Angel and you can currently find her on Hot in Cleveland with Betty White. Season four of Hot in Cleveland will be premiering this week!


The Chew: One Stop Holiday Shop

Evette Rios, who is a correspondant for The Chew, may have stumbled upon a one stop holiday shop with cute things like a sign that says “Keep Calm and Keep Wrapping.” She will have lots of tips tomorrow about buying home decor. The holidays are undoubtedly the biggest home decor buying season, and Evette will share her must-haves.

Any ideas on where Evette found all her goodies? It wouldn’t surprise me if she went to Home Goods or TJMaxx! Have you ever been to a Home Goods? It’s a sister company of TJMaxx and they have everything you could ever want to decorate your home, all at great prices.

There is a Home Goods near me and I think I’m going to have to check out what they have in the way of holiday decor! Find out more about Evette’s decorating and Valerie Bertinelli’s cookbook on The Chew November 28 2012.


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