The Chew: Traif Bacon Donuts Review & Alan Thicke Celebrity Wife Swap


The Chew March 11 2013

Recapo update: Here are the day’s recipes from The Chew.

The Chew is getting ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day next week with all new episodes and recipes to get you in the holiday spirit. Other featured foods for the week will include Skillet Suppers and even a Mexican Fiesta. But it all starts with The Secret Life of Bacon on Monday’s episode.


The Chew: Alan Thicke Celebrity Wife Swap

The Chew: Traif Bacon Donuts Review & Alan Thicke Celebrity Wife Swap

For The Chew’s bacon-themed episode on Monday, March 11 2013, cameras will travel to Traif for bacon donuts and Alan Thicke will be in The Chew kitchen.

From the ABC reality series Celebrity Wife Swap, actor Alan Thicke and his wife Tanya are coming to The Chew kitchen. Before you see them in primetime trading lives with another family, check them out making the bacon with Clinton Kelly.

Pork lovers say that everything is better with bacon, and there is plenty of evidence in support of that assertion. But we will have to wait and see what The Chew crew has in store with this fan favorite meat product on a new episode of The Chew for Monday, March 11.


The Chew: Bacon Dish of the Day

Michael Symon will be tasked with a bacon-themed Dish of the Day on this new episode of The Chew, which should mean that there is something delicious and meaty in store for bacon lovers everywhere on the Monday, March 11 episode of The Chew. What will he be cooking? I don’t think anyone on The Chew loves meat as much as Michael, so I bet he will have something mouth watering on the menu.

The Chew: Traif Bacon Donuts Review

That’s not all. The Chew is sending Jason Roberts on location to Traif, a Brooklyn restaurant that is famous for one of its desserts: bacon donuts. It may not sound like it goes together, but coming from someone who has tried bacon cupcakes, that little bit of salty really punctuates the sweet flavors and is perfectly compatible with a dessert.


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