The Chew: Thanksgiving Extravaganza With Mashed Potato Recipes & More


Recapo Update: This episode of The Chew has aired. Click the links below to get recipes for an entire Thanksgiving dinner, as well as learn some Thanksgiving etiquette from Clinton Kelly:

The Chew November 21 2012 Preview

The Chew: Thanksgiving Extravaganza With Mashed Potato Recipes & More

The Chew November 21 2012 are having a Thanksgiving extravaganza complete with mashed potato, gravy, stuffing & cranberry sauce recipes for the big dinner.


The Chew are going to be packing in as much Thanksgiving as they can on the final episode before the big day. The Chew have been counting down towards Thanksgiving for the past three weeks and the final episode before Thanksgiving is finally here.

The Chew are going to be making recipes for everything Thanksgiving from cranberry sauce to gravy to stuffing to mashed potatoes to turkey. This episode is going to be like the hail Mary pass with only seconds left on the clock during the Super Bowl.

This is the one episode of The Chew everyone is going to need to watch to make sure they are prepared for the big turkey day dinner.


The Chew: Thanksgiving Extravaganza

With only one more episode, only 60 minutes, to get everyone ready to cook some delicious turkeys, desirable gravies and creamy mashed potatoes, I do not think The Chew are going to be slacking off for one minute in this episode.

But how much more can they really go over? What do you think they are going to make or show us how to do? Let us know in the comments below.

The Chew have already showed us how to cut a turkey, how to make numerous kinds of stuffing, when we need to start defrosting our turkeys, what to do with the leftovers, how to make desserts and just about everything else. Maybe this episode will just tie everything together, showing us how to pull off a Thanksgiving dinner in only one episode.

I guess we will have to find out tomorrow. Make sure to tune into The Chew on November 21 2012 to learn every last minute detail you need to know about Thanksgiving. And if you miss any of The Chew’s advice or recipes, stop back at Recapo for a full update on the day’s episode.


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