The Chew: Silver Screen Suppers, Cannoli Two Ways & Nitehawk Cinema


The Chew February 20 2013

Recapo update: These segments and recipes are now online.

All week long, your favorite daytime talk shows are counting down to the Oscars. The excitement continues on Wednesday, February 20 2013, as The Chew prepares a day’s worth of Silver Screen Suppers that will have you going for the gold.


The Chew: Silver Screen Suppers

The Chew: Silver Screen Suppers, Cannoli Two Ways & Nitehawk Cinema

The Chew February 20 2013 is coming up with Silver Screen Suppers and recipes that will leave you salivating for the Academy Awards.

What is on the menu for this special day? Combine the tastes of old Hollywood and modern America with a dish by Clinton Kelly. He will be creating a Spicy Chicken and Sausage Stew recipe on The Chew February 20 2013.

If you like foods with more of a bite to them, this could be the stew for you, and with the wacky winter weather blowing around these days, you never know when it could be a great day for stew. I think I will have to Pinterest Clinton’s recipe and keep it handy for a hearty winter meal before the season is over.


The Chew: Cannoli Two Ways Recipe

Daphne Oz is celebrating one of the greatest movies of all time, The Godfather, with her contribution to the Silver Screen Suppers episode. She is making her Cannoli Two Ways recipe on Wednesday, February 20 2013. What is your favorite Italian dish?

The Chew: Nitehawk Cinema Review

Plus, Carla is taking a field trip to the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, New York, where she will learn about the theater that offers meals to moviegoers who would like to dine in style. My question is, how do you keep the clanging forks from being distracting during the film?

There is always something fresh and exciting cooking at The Chew, and February 20 2013 continues the show’s countdown to the Oscars. Everyone from Katie Couric to Clinton Kelly is excited about the weekend’s big events, and if you miss anything, you can get recipes and information right here on Recapo after the show.


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