The Chew: Regina King, Genie Francis & Buttermilk Kitchen Review


The Chew March 1 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this episode.

The Chew has a new edition of Extra Value Friday scheduled for March 1 2013. Get ready to kick off a new month with Breakfast For Dinner. Terrific actors will be popping up to help with the day’s dishes, including Southland star Regina King and soap legend Genie Francis.


The Chew: Regina King Cowboy Rice and Fried Eggs

The Chew: Regina King, Genie Francis & Buttermilk Kitchen Review

The Chew March 1 2013 features guests including Southland’s Regina King, Genie Francis from General Hospital, and a Buttermilk Kitchen review from Atlanta. (Joe Seer /

From the gritty and critically acclaimed TNT cop drama Southland, Regina King is a guest on The Chew for Extra Value Friday. She will be cooking with Clinton Kelly to make a dish of Cowboy Rice and Fried Eggs. That sounds like a recipe that hard-working and hungry homicide detectives like King’s character could get behind.

Check back to find the recipe on March 1 2013 after it airs on The Chew.


The Chew: Proscuitto & Potato Frittata Recipe

The soap opera General Hospital is celebrating 50 years on the air, and long-serving star Genie Francis is bringing the milestone celebration to The Chew.

She will be cooking with Mario Batali to make a Prosciutto and Potato Frittata recipe. See it on the show and try it for yourself on Friday, March 1 2013. Have you ever tried making a frittata before?

The Chew: Buttermilk Kitchen Review

From Atlanta, Georgia, The Chew correspondent Jamika Pessoa is visiting The Buttermilk Kitchen. She will get a behind the scenes look at a popular menu item, Dad’s Waffle. This is a burger that is made with waffles and dressed with maple syrup.

I’ve heard of chicken and waffles, but waffles as burger buns is really taking things to the next level. You can find out more for yourself on The Chew March 1 2013.

Don’t miss the recipes and recaps after the episode airs, so you can make Breakfast for Dinner for your family this weekend.


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