The Chew November 8 2012 – Two Weeks Until Thanksgiving Day Recipes


Recapo Update: This episode of The Chew has aired. Click the links below to get some great recipes for Thanksgiving. It is only two weeks away:

The Chew November 8 2012 Preview

The Chew November 8 2012 - Two Weeks Until Thanksgiving Day Recipes

The Chew November 8 2012 go over some more Thanksgiving Day recipes with the holiday only two weeks away. Get turkey, stuffing & mashed potato recipes.


The Chew November 8 2012 are continuing their preparation for Thanksgiving Day. In this episode, “Thanksgiving: Two Weeks Away!” The Chew crew go over some more fabulous recipes to fill your dining room table with food. And with only two weeks until the big day, we are all running out of time to practice, and perfect, these awesome recipes.

The Chew: Recipes

Just like every other day, The Chew is not giving up any hints as to what they will be making on the show. But I think we can specualte a little bit. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up so quickly, I am sure they will be making some great turkey recipes, stuffing recipes and, I am crossing my fingers, some awesome new ways to make mashed potatoes.

If we look back at some of the recipes from last year, like Mario Batali’s stuffed turkey, it can be assumed they are going to try and top those recipes and make some even better recipes for everyone to try.


The Chew: Thanksgiving 2012

What do you think they are going to whip up on The Chew November 8 2012? It has to be something Thanksgiving inspired. My official guess is something to do with the stuffing.

Well either way we can all find out on November 8 by tuning into The Chew. And if you miss any part of the episode, especially the recipes, make sure to stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for all a full recap of the show, recipes included.


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