The Chew November 12 2012 – Iron Grandmas Mama T, Antoinette & Daisy

Recapo Update: This episode of The Chew has aired. Click the links below to see which Iron Grandma took home the Golden Wishbone trophy for the best stuffing:

The Chew November 12 2012 Recap

The Chew November 12 2012 is going to feature a heated showdown between some of the best cooks over the age of 65 that anyone has ever witnessed on television. The Chew invite Iron Grandma’s Mama T, Antoinette and Daisy on the show for a little friendly competition to see who can make the best dish of the day.

And you have to have some special guest judges for a competition of this caliber. The Chew invite Sam Champion, from Good Morning America, and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, from the Lambs Club, to judge these savory dishes.

The Chew: Iron Grandmas

The Chew November 12 2012 - Iron Grandmas Mama T, Antoinette & Daisy

The Chew November 12 2012 invite the “Iron Grandma’s” Mama T, Antoinette & Daisy on the set to cook for guest judges Sam Champion & Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

So what are the Iron Grandmas going to make? They haven’t said, but I bet it is going to be great. The Chew are continuing on with their Thanksgiving countdown, so I bet the dishes are going to be Thanksgiving based. Maybe some kind of potato dish or something with cauliflower. The Chew have not really dove too far into side dishes on the Thanksgiving countdown shows as of yet.

They have worked their magic on some stuffed turkeys and made some really good desserts like the pumpkin strudel and their snowball surprises, so I imagine the Iron Grandmas may be working with some kind of vegetable on Monday.

The Chew: Mama T’s Sandy Update

What do you think they are going to be cooking up? Let us know in the comment section below.

And I hope The Chew gives us an update on Mama T’s family and how they have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Mama T seemed to be all right last time she was on the show, but her son lost his entire house and everything he owned. I hope they are doing better.

Make sure to tune in to the The Chew November 12 2012 to see just what these grandmas have in store. If you miss part of the episode make sure to stop by Recapo for the full overview of the show and all the recipes.

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