The Chew: Niecy Nash It’s Hard To Fight Naked & Mother’s Day Ideas


The Chew May 10 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments for today’s show:

The Chew: Michael Symon’s Shrimp and Spring Vegetable Pasta Recipe

The Chew: Clinton Kelly’s Pressed Flower Mother’s Day Card Directions

The Chew: Foster Mother Gets Mother’s Day Surprise Kitchen Makeover

This week’s “Extra Value Friday” sees Niecy Nash talking about the everyday miracles that moms perform and her new book, It’s Hard To Fight Naked with Mario Batali and Michael Symon, Clinton Kelly shows us a gift for mom that we can make at home and one mom gets a kitchen makeover.


The Chew: Niecy Nash It's Hard To Fight Naked & Mother's Day Ideas

This week’s “Extra Value Friday” is all about Mother’s Day.

Niecy Nash It’s Hard To Fight Naked Review

After appearing on The View yesterday, Niecy Nash is making another appearance on The Chew to talk about her new book, It’s Hard To Fight Naked. Given that Mother’s Day is right around the corner and that Niecy is a mother herself, she will also be sitting down with Mario Batali and Michael Symon to talk about some of the miracles that mothers perform on a day-to-day basis.

How about all you out there? Whose mom has done something for them that you thought could never be done, or that was just plain impressive? My mom raised me, so I’ll file that under the “thought could never be done category.” She also posted bail for me once when I was down in Cancun on spring break (just kidding).


Clinton Kelly Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make At Home

Clinton’s Craft Corner will be dedicated to Mother’s Day tomorrow, with crafts that you can make at home for mom on her big day. I remember always having to make crafts for Mother’s Day back in elementary school, but I always ended up writing her a letter on a gray piece of paper instead. Either that, or she just quietly disposed of the crafts that I always threw together with all the tender loving care of a jackhammer before penning my letters, and I just don’t remember.

The Chew: Mom Gets a Kitchen Makeover

What better way to make a mom that loves cooking happy on Mother’s Day than to give her kitchen a makeover. Hopefully, they won’t invite Tim Allen from Tool Time to do it, or the segment might not turn out how they thought it was going to.


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