The Chew: National S’mores Day, Carla Hall S’mores Recipe & Ashanti


The Chew: June 5 2013

On The Chew June 5 2013, Carla Hall is mixing up a s’mores recipe with her own unique twist and guest Ashanti of Army Wives, who will be speaking about her newest single. Clinton Kelly will be staging a demonstration to show us crafting’s camping roots, and Mario Batali will show us his take on camping with a traditional camping dish.

The Chew: Carla Hall’s S’mores

The Chew: National S'mores Day, Carla Hall S'mores Recipe & Ashanti

National S’mores Day isn’t until August, but you’ll be prepared for it with Carla Hall’s s’mores recipe.


Ahh, s’mores, the all-American/Canadian campfire treat. Though the specific history of s’mores is not known, the first published s’mores recipe on record is in a 1927 issue of Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, an early Girl Scouts lifestyle magazine. Are you surprised that this didn’t show up in a Boy Scouts magazine first? Although, with society the way it was back then, it comes as no surprise there would be recipes put inside of a girl’s magazine.

It appears that the treat is iconic enough to have its own holiday, as well. National S’mores Day is celebrated yearly on August 10 (is that really the height of campfire season?). There isn’t any apparent foundation that supports it, and Congress hasn’t officially sanctioned the day. Don’t let the wait until National S’mores Day on August 10th stop you from tuning in tomorrow, though.

The Chew: Ashanti She Can’t

Ashanti hasn’t seen a big hit since 2002’s “Baby,” so it looks like she’s getting on the show tomorrow in hope of reviving her stagnated music career with her new single, “She Can’t.” It always saddens me to see an artist trying to claw their way back to relevancy, as it is rarely a successful venture for anyone. When it does happen, like with Eminem’s Recovery, though, it’s always great to see.


Do you guys think Ashanti can get back on the charts with this one?




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