The Chew: My Guilty Pleasure & Taste Love Cupcakes


The Chew April 2 2015

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We all have them, but usually we are encouraged not to talk about them. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they involve endless possibilities. Society has conditioned us to feel bad about them, but more and more lately, people are reclaiming them proudly and even sharing them with friends and family. What are they? I’m talking about “My Guilty Pleasure,” which is the theme of The Chew’s new episode on Thursday, April 2 2015.


The Chew: My Guilty Pleasure

The Chew: My Guilty Pleasure & Taste Love Cupcakes

What’s your guilty pleasure? The Chew crew is devoting an hour to sharing some of the best. The April 2 show also features Michigan’s Taste Love Cupcakes.

The Chew crew is taking on the topic of guilty pleasures with an hour of recipes and fun that will let you in on some secrets from your favorite co-hosts. Along the way, you can be sure they will quiz the audience about real people’s secret shames or quiet escapes.

While some people’s guilty pleasures might involve reading at the beach, others may prefer to binge watch a favorite TV show (you know, the one you would never admit to watching if confronted). But it makes sense that “My Guilty Pleasure” is the theme for an episode of The Chew, because as dieters know, many of the most thorny guilty pleasures involve food and drink.


The Chew: Taste Love Cupcakes

Even the finest chefs probably have a few secrets they keep to themselves. What would you think about dining in a five-star restaurant if you knew that the man behind the menu had a snack addiction to gas station jerky?

I’m guessing that we are in for a few surprises when The Chew crew reveals their own Guilty Pleasure foods on the April 2 episode. Some of these favorite comfort foods and secret sweets are going to wind up as the day’s menu of recipes. But you’ll have to tune in to find out whether your own secret reward made the cut.

In addition, cameras are visiting Taste Love Cupcakes in Royal Oak, Michigan. ABC’s The Chew is celebrating “My Guilty Pleasure” on Thursday, April 2 and you don’t want to miss it!



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