The Chew: Kyle Bornheimer Family Tools & Waldorf Astoria Garden


The Chew April 30 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

The Chew is new on April 30, with an episode featuring the advice you need to know in the kitchen. Kyle Bornheimer from the new ABC sitcom Family Tools will be a guest.


The Chew: Waldorf Astoria Garden

The Chew: Kyle Bornheimer Family Tools & Waldorf Astoria Garden

Kyle Bornheimer from ABC’s Family Tools sitcom is a guest in The Chew kitchen for the April 30 show, which also makes a visit to the Waldorf Astoria garden. (Helga Esteb /

The Chew host Michael Symon is taking a field trip to the Waldorf Astoria Garden, on the rooftop of the famous New York City hotel. Does that mean a Waldorf salad is in store for the day’s recipes? We will have to tune in and see what’s cooking. If you miss the show, be sure to check back and catch up on our recipes.

The Chew: Kitchen Tips

If you want to show off and impress your friends with your kitchen skills, now is your chance. The Chew is sharing some great tricks and easy recipes that anyone can use to pull off a kitchen coup. Find out what it takes to make great cooking really easy, even while making your guests think you really had to work for it.


Great cooking does not have to be difficult, and The Chew hosts are sharing recipes and secrets that will allow you to pull off the perfect dinner time and again. That’s coming up on the April 30 episode of The Chew.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy great meals and solve common kitchen conundrums with this new episode. Check back for full details on anything you want to hear again, in case you miss it.

The Chew: Kyle Bornheimer

From the new Family Tools, Kyle Bornheimer will be in The Chew kitchen for Tuesday’s show. In the show, Kyle’s character moves home and takes over his father’s handyman business when the patriarch has medical problems.

Maybe he is better in the kitchen than his character is with tools. We will have to watch and see.


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